What could be the worst thing that ever happens to your avie?

What could be the worst thing that ever happens to your avie?

..I think I know, because it’s  happened to me.

I didn’t log in-world as much as I’d planned over the holidays, because I was spending the majority of my time doing my best beached whale impressions upon the sofa while watching Doctor Who and munching on chocolates.  If you thought Moby Dick was the great white whale, then you’re sorely mistaken.

But joking aside something has happened that’s really got my goose in a gander, in fact I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’m having a bit of a panic.

My inventory is buggered. Seriously.

..and it looks as though I’ve lost all my critical items from over THREE years of Second Life.  For me, critical stuff counts as beautiful clothes ( think the ENTIRE Last Call collection for starters, totally irreplaceable) and designer items from the very best names in Second Life fashion..so much stuff that I cannot possibly list it all here. But that’s not even the half of it.  I’ve lost ALL my hair from TRUTH ( I own most of that store and I’m devastated) Magika,  ETD and Calla to name but a few. And then there’s the singularly most expensive investment an avatar can make..the skins. My Curio/Gala Phoenix skins aren’t there..(I teared up at the point I must confess) nor are my Redgrave skins, as well as Laqroki..to name but a few. I could go on but to be honest listing everything here is breaking my non-existent balls..I’m not even going to estimate how much money in SL OR RL has been spent on the items I’m missing, because if I start thinking about it I’ll hyperventilate into next year, but like many serious SL aficionados the majority of my leisure money is spent in world…let’s just leave it there.  The blog almost serves as a catalogue of all my wares; OK I’ve not featured everything that I won BUT if you were to review it over the past two years of existence it demonstrates just what a wide array of objects have been stowed away in my inventory until I needed them again.

When I discovered all this last night I raised a ticket straight away with Linden Lab support, but so far no-one has got back to me. I’m at the point where I can’t even log in at the moment because I’m so upset..yes, I know Kitty, get a grip..this isn’t real life BUT the fact remains that I’ve invested time, money and above all LOVE into building my inventory and to see it so decimated is just heart breaking.

I estimate that I’ve lost around 10000-15000 items.

IF Linden Lab come back to me and tell me my losses are irretrievable, well I just don’t know what I’ll do..so please readers, cross everything for me, and I’ll keep you posted on the situation…I’m off for a cup of tea and a lie down..sob…

8 thoughts on “What could be the worst thing that ever happens to your avie?

  1. You know i’m crossing everything for you hunni… I’d be gutted if i lost that sort of stuff too, so i can imagine how you feel…

    Lets hope LL sort things out x


  2. Yah! I hope it’s just a temporary inventory glitch … I had the same fears last week! When I rezzed my shape, skin, eyes, many items called up a “Failed to find object” message … but it’s all okay now!


  3. God… when we were talking about this I had no idea it was so much stuff! Crossing absolutely everything for you honey. I really hope they get back to you soon and can sort this out x


  4. I had no idea how bad it was until earlier on..I wanted to change skin and when trying to find my skins I started to realise..so I looked for other items and it then dawned. I will never be able to replace anything if I can’t get it back..I’m praying LL get back to me soon but the ticket is still in ‘New’ status. I’ve left another comment for them..I know this is nothing of significance in teh real world, I know it’s only virtual..but deary me I’m absolutely bereft and praying they can retrieve it all:((


  5. Log out and reopen SL.
    Hold down “CTL+Shift+G”.
    A drop down menu will open.
    The list will have many things to choose from.
    Agni is the main grid, it is the grid we are on now.
    Aditi is the beta grid.
    Select Aditi and log in.
    Go into busy mode, as soon as you log in.
    Do NOT im anyone.
    Do NOT chat.
    Do NOT TP anywhere.
    Just stand there and open your inventory.
    Type something in the inventory search space so that your inventory begins to load.
    Let your inventory fetch all items.
    The process may take a while.
    Once your inventory has completely loaded, log out of the beta grid and back into the main “Agni” grid.
    When you are back on the main grid open your inventory and let it load. The items should come back.
    *Oh, when you are on the beta grid you’ll notice an influx of lindens. This is fake money. You can not transfer it to the main grid.


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