Arm warmers ahoy!

Arm warmers ahoy!

I’m really becoming rather keen on ‘Concrete Flowers’, which is a fabulous, somewhat eclectic wee store that sells a wonderful array of clothing and oddments. It tends toward urban/grunge styling, but is not as in your face as other outlets which means you can mix and match their wares rather well with more mainstream brands.
I took a wander down there yesterday and was delighted by these amazing armwarmers that they sell in a great range of colours. Aren’t they neat? They look so warm and chunky and I could so imagine having these in real fact, I yearn for some. I love the dangly bits on them too..they’re just such a great addition to any outfit and look extremely realistic. I’m also wearing a dollarbie that’s currently available in stoire too- this wee four leaf clover in a bottle is very sweet ( look-it has a ladybird on it!) and is designed to give you lots of’s well worth a linden. I hope it works, my inventory drama is still going on with no updates thus far. My inventory is determined that it only has 13, 333 items in it, which is all well and good, but it should have LOTS more than that and it’s all my good stuff that’s gone missing:(

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