So there I was…dancing with the ‘Tainted Boys’

So there I was…dancing with the ‘Tainted Boys’

I was mooching around the metaverse, feeling very sorry for myself, when I happened across an art gallery in Second Life. It gave away a free HUD that when clicked takes you to different galleries in world, so I spent a happy hour wandering the grid and being very cultured. But best of all, I found a gallery adjacent to this club, called ‘Tainted Boys’, and I’m having an amazing time dancing with the beautiful fellas and enjoying the fantastic dance music provided by uber DJ Adonis Lubitsch..what a corking find. It’s put a huge grin on my face:) I’ve rarely heard such good mixing nor seen a club so full mid-week. It’s a credit ti the place, and I also really like teh fact that they have dances available for wheelchair users..littl;e things like that make a difference if you ask me. I’ll certainly be visiting again!
posted by Kitty Otoole on Saint Tib using a blogHUD

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