Atomic cheer-me-up time…

Atomic cheer-me-up time…

So I’m still reeling from my massive inventory loss, and also the fact that Linden Lab Support haven’t yet had the common decency to get in touch with me…but more on that later.
A notecard dropped in my inventory earlier from ATOMIC, announcing new releases, and here we have them. This aubergine ‘Swooped Sweater Dress’ and these rather lovely tied ‘Ribbon Leggings’ are new releases in store, and of course come in an array of colours for your mix and match happy. Sweater dresses are ten a penny in-world ( not that I’m complaining, I love them) but what makes this one above average is the fact that the swooped-cowl neckline is resizeable for a perfect fit. I really like that, it’s just an extra from the designer to make you happier with your purchase and shows real thought..same for the leggings actually, they have the same resizer scripts built into the ribbon embellishment. Something else that really impresses me is there’s no lumpy prim hanging around my fanny area and spoiling the line of the dress, it fits *beautifully*. I’ve finished the look off with my UBU trainers ( thank god they didn’t walk from my inventory) and Magika hair in ‘Sinner’, which is probably my favourite bobbed style of 2009…and I do like a good bob..ho ho! My sad lil chops are smiling again because I got me some Atomic happy..I suggest that you do the same. Oh, and if you join the group(costs L$250 but well worth it) you get a special edition of this dress and leggings too..which is nice:)
Swooped Sweater Dress: L$150 ( Bloody bargain)
Ribbon Tied Leggings: L$100

Click here to go straight to the nicies!

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