Avatar of the day/week/year?

Avatar of the day/week/year?

Her name is Crain Lorefield, and I happened across her as I was travelling the grid for Fifty Linden Fridays..Isn’t she amazing? She’s some sort of reptile creature..but with an astonishing face..I was hugely impressed, although it seemed odd to see her looking for 50L bargains! ( It was even odder watching her try hair on in Tiny Bird!)
posted by Kitty Otoole on Festivale using a blogHUD : [blogHUD permalink]

4 thoughts on “Avatar of the day/week/year?

  1. Awwwww!! CRAINIE! Yay! But seriously, all her avis are amazing…. even the grotesque ones are really cool. lol She truly has a knack for all things creative, its great :)) I just adore this chick-a-dee. lol


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