The Inventory Issue..

The Inventory Issue..

So, here’s an update on the saga of my lost inventory…


That’s right- NOTHING

I’ve heard NOTHING from Linden Lab, despite raising my support ticket on 4/1/2010 2:55 PM PDT ( For clarity that’s January 4th 2010)

A recap…My inventory was around the 40k mark. It’s just under 14k now.  The figures speak for themselves.

People across the grid have tried to help me with various solutions to the problem, and it would seem that there are loads of potential solutions and for some people they work, but alas, not for me.  I’ve cleared cache in more ways than I care to mention, and I’ve gone so far as to uninstall and reinstall SL from my PC. But no change..

NOTHING has restored my inventory to its original glory. All those items that have been lovingly collected since I joined up on 30th December 2006..the majority have vanished into the ether.

I’ve updated my support ticket 3 times asking LL for help. It’s still in NEW status, can you believe it? For the record, I’m a premium customer and I have NEVER asked for help before so I expect better.  In fact, it shouldn’t matter if I’m premium or not, as a citizen of Second Life I should be treated with respect by Linden Labs. If it wasn’t for the citizens, they wouldn’t have such healthy profits lining their pockets. I honestly feel betrayed.  I feel like I’ve been smacked around the face with a wet kipper by M Linden. In all my time as a resident of Second Life I have done nothing but extol its virtues to all who would listen, and as regular readers will know that has meant appearances on local AND national radio extolling the virtues of this wonderful virtual world in which I choose to live.

I feel betrayed and very, very let down.

I could go on, but ranting and raving won’t help, and it is slowly dawning on me that I’ve lost a good deal of my favourite items,some personal items in Second Life forever. I know we’re talking pixels on a screen, but some of these prims and pixels meant the world to me…all my Last Call items, all my Truth hair..all my Gala Phoenix skins (some of which I’d only recently bought) and they’re just a mere fraction of the major names from my collection.  I’ve lost Magika hair, Redgrave and LAQ skins, Aoharu, Armidi…all the stuff I’ve ever blogged and then some..I’ve lost reams of poses and to be honest I’m not going to carry on explaining what I’ve lost because it’s just so bloody annoying. But there’s a sad part; little bits and pieces that Deedee got for me, they’ve all gone now too.

On  this blog I occasionally review and publicise items for but what you probably don’t realise is that I buy the majority of items myself. I’m always appreciative of review copies, but it’s not very often that I get items dropped upon me from on high.  But hey-that’s OK, I don’t expect handouts and I am more than happy to pay for quality products, in fact I enjoy supporting the designers very much. But this loss is just too costly for me to replace. I’m looking in my inventory every day and realising what else is missing and it’s a rather sad process.  The irony is that I have these 13k+ items, some of which are of course of incredible value to me, but the majority so far appear to be freebies and hunt items, not the actual ‘heart’ of my inventory.

Apologies if I get emotional here, but Linden Labs, I have just lost three years worth of memories and you don’t even have the common decency to respond to my pleas for help?! Your service stinks, and you have really let me down, just when I needed you to step up to the mark and help me out. It’s changed my perception of you forever, but the harsh fact is that if you can’t even get customer service right, how can we, as residents, expect you to resolve any of our other issues properly? If you haven’t heard my voice, then how can I be assured that you have heard the voices of others?

Simple answer..I can’t.

The one positive that’s come out of this is that many people, complete strangers in fact, have offered consolation and for that I thank them from the bottom of my prim-heart. Second Life after all is about the inhabitants and the community therein..and I feel reassured by the kindness volunteered towards me.  It seems that there is a thriving culture of caring avatars in-world, despite any thoughts I may have had otherwise. But the same kindness isn’t forthcoming from the overlords, at least not in my case.

I’m sure if my surname was Linden my problem would be treated with the attention that it fully deserves, but with each day that passes I become resigned to the fact that my losses will never be recovered. I’m not in a position to be able to rush out and re-purchase all the items that meant so much to me, I just can’t do it ( I daren’t even calculate how much has been spent and lost in real-life currency). It would be nice to be compensated for the loss, but come on..let’s be realistic, if LL can’t even respond to a request for assistance then they aren’t going to be rushing to reimburse me either. Mental I may be, but I’m not completely stupid…

So, if anyone from Linden Labs cares, my ticket reference is 4051-7209950..thanks for your support, it’s certainly given me food for thought.

3 thoughts on “The Inventory Issue..

  1. Kitty, I whole heartedly understand.

    I dread to think what I would be like if I lost anything that DeeDee had given to me. To this day, in RL, I carry one of the cards that her and James created on our trip to Scotland.

    Linden Labs are heartless when it comes to inventory. It always seems to be meh your tough luck.

    Like you, I’m a premium resident, and a landowner, but with something like inventory loss, I expect ALL residents to be treated with the greatest of respect.

    After all it is just some database records in a profile to them, but it is someone’s very being in SL. Not only that, but someone has paid for those items, whether it be you or someone else.


  2. Precisely Bee, and you can appreciate what a bloody nightmare it’s been. Dee and I were friends long before SL came on the scene, but it was something we enjoyed and shared together which is why I often make reference to her time in it..the inventory issue has meant that I’ve lost her gypsy caravan something that she really loved. Virtual stuff I know, but it was important to her, so important to me..gah, what can I say? I like your last point, ‘ is someone’s very being in SL’ That’s EXACTLY what it is. Everything in that inventory contributes towards what Kitty is all about, her hair, eyes, shape, skin, clothes etc…obviously I make up the other bit, but it all makes up the whole. Great to hear from you Bee x


  3. I never understood how inventory can actually be LOST. I mean, it’s a database after all. Databases have been around forever. Our governments run databases storing our social security numbers and other vital facts. Would there be screwups in these databases in a regularity they seem to appear in the SL inventory, we’d heard by now. So how can inventory be lost at all? And why can’t they simply restore it?

    I lost one of my first constructions I made in SL recently. My very own creation has vanished from my inventory. I was lucky I still had it in a SLX dropbox, but it was an odd feeling.

    I hope you get your items back, I truly hope so!


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