The Inventory Saga Continues……

I suppose I should be flattered, because someone at Linden Labs must read my bijou blogette because I’ve JUST received a response after days of waiting.

But I’m not flattered, instead I’m FUMING.

First up, let me just say that I’ve had years of experience in customer support, and I would expect in a circumstance such as this one that initially the rep follows the established in-house steps for dealing with this kind of problem. Then if it gets hairy you delegate to second line and so on and so forth; basically what I’m trying to say is I understand the reasoning behind the response, and I don’t hold the analyst responsible for the fact that it’s piss poor.

But it is maddening. For starters, my ticket has been CLOSED!

The response I’ve received doesn’t  progress me any further either; instead it offers me solutions which I have already tried, which  I’ve already told them in one of my previous contacts!

Here’s the mail in all its glory…it is, I believe, a ‘standard’ reply ( The clue is the first line.  It looks to me that in the original it’s blank after ‘Hello’ and they just insert the relevent avatar name)


Hello, Kitty:

I’m sorry to learn of your inventory loss! The good news is that your item(s) are probably not lost–they just may not be appearing as you would expect in your Inventory folders. I apologize for the delay in responding to your ticket as we’re slightly backed up due to the increase volume of tickets over the holiday period.

I suspect that the problem may be solved by simply clearing your cache from inside Second Life and outside Second Life. Please take try the steps for clearing your cache from our Complete Inventory Recovery article from the Knowledge Base to see if you can find your your items. (Our Missing Inventory article might help as well.)

Once you have cleared your cache, log directly into a quiet region like Cyclops, and give your inventory 10 minutes or so to fully load. At that time, try searching for your missing objects again.

If you have further questions regarding this topic after following these steps and reading the articles for other troubleshooting techniques, please feel free to reopen this ticket. For all other questions, please submit a new support ticket.


Is it too much to expect that the sheer volume involved in my loss would trigger alarm bells? Plus the fact that I’ve sent countless follow-up messages stating what I’ve tried and how nothing seems to work?

 It’s astonishing that they’ve elected to send a standard mail out ( they should have used a spell-checker on it as well) My guess is that because of the volume of tickets they’ve received over the holiday period they’re filtering accordingly and sending out standard replies to deal with the backlog. Boy do I feel special at the moment:(

So yes, I’m raising a new ticket..let’s see what happens next shall we? I’ll keep you posted…

2 thoughts on “The Inventory Saga Continues……

  1. Kitty,

    I understand the frustration. It kind of makes you wonder what the average resident gets who does not own land and have the higher tier of LL’s brand of
    “customer service.”

    About a year ago, I had an inventory loss issue like yours and the solution indicated in the email you were sent worked to restore my inventory. I would imagine it probably works for most and they’ve just been shuffling that off left and right for any ticket labeled “inventory loss.” It worries me that this hasn’t worked for you because it indicates a deeper problem. I’ve had several of my friends experience inventory loss over the last year — it would appear to be on the rise and it’s ridiculous that their in-house procedures for dealing with it haven’t improved.

    I wish I had some tips that would help, but all I have to offer is sympathy and hopes for the best!


  2. I’m shocked but not surprised at their lack of support for you with this issue… Granted, we all lose items or the ability to access items in our inventory now and then and yes, a simple cache clear etc. does usually work but i know you’ve tried everything, several times over and i know you’ve lost a LOT of content.

    I hope you gave them hell for this…


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