I haven’t done a skin review in an age, so was delighted when Redsoledrea Gossipgirl (try saying that with a gobful of chips) dropped a box of skins on me. Having not a clue about the brand I had no expectations so I’m delighted to say I was, well, delighted when I popped on one of the skins. Redsoledrea has remade the Elle skins in a darker skintone, and isn’t it yummy?
It’s available in one pack called ‘Glam-R-Us’, in which you’ll find 2 brow options and 4 makeup choices. She’s keen to stress in the blurb that ‘…each skintone has its own special makeup because not all skins are created equal…’ I don’t quite get that, but what I do get is that these skins are incredibly good and excellent value for money. The skinpacks sell for a mere L$800 and you get 8 skins total…that’s L$100 a skin, which is bloody good value if you ask me. I’m expecially impressed with the make-up options for this skin, and the shading upon the face.The colour work is spot on, the shading on all areas of the body is accurate and gives the skin a very realistic feel. Areas such as nostrils, shoulder blades, collar bone and belly button all look the part and fit really well. The skin tone itself doesn’t feature the subtle nuances that you’d get on say a Curio or Belleza skin, but you know what, it doesn’t matter a bit…because in my opinion this skin is a real find. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the colour options do lend it towards the fashionista crowd, and I can imagine seeing a models wearing this one in-world…it has that ‘feel’ about it, if you know what I mean?
In this photo I’m wearing the skin with my Kittylicious! Selina shape, and you can safely say that they are a winning combination aren’t they? I love it. I think you will too, so why not go and check OMFG out for yourself by clicking here….and tell ’em that Kitty sent ya:)

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