Kitty’s liking the Moonshine..nom nom NOM!

*Such* a classy bird, me…
So I logged in-world this morning to find a DSN dropbox from a brand I wasn’t amazingly familiar with, called ‘Moonshine’. I find DSN ( Designers Showcase Network) to be a very useful, guilt-free way of introducing me to new creators. This morning was a treat from a brand called ’Moonshine’..hence my bad manners. The box featured a top called ‘Sheer’ in Treacle, and it is simply divine, don’t you think? It is, as the name suggests, see-through and features a delicate design over the fabric and a belted ruffle around the base. It’s very well detailed, extremely pretty and I love it, so I decided to go and check out the store. ( See? DSN works!)
I’m sure glad that I did too, it’s a real hotch-potch of styles and items at shockingly good prices. You’ll find casual wear, dresses, skirts, jeans and undies, as well as more eclectic items such as knife belts(?) dotted around the store. The designer, Shelley Toonie, states in her notecard that you won’t find specific styles here because basically she just creates what she feels like, and I have to say that in this case that formula works exceedingly well. In fact ‘Moonshine’ is the kind of store that you should visit with a friend because you’re sure to find things that appeal to both of you. It has a high “Ooh, come and look at this!” factor.
So what did I find? Well, I hunted down the ‘Sheer’ top that I’m wearing and was pleased to find that it comes in 5 additional colours and costs a mere L$150. Well worth a punt. I also really like the pirate dress,’Brandy’, I usually don’t like ‘froo-froo’ but this works extremely well( In fact, match up with the knife belt and you’re on to a winner) The ‘Fracture’ top is a one strap affair with armlets and would look great worn with baggies. Contrast that with ‘Flutterby’, a blouse under a jumper sporting a butterfly motif which is ideal for the more reserved casual dresser: it would look really good with short denim trousers and chunky wedges. An absolute must-see are the ‘Spoiled’ jeans, because they’re anything but. Featuring multiple layers and prim cuffs they’re a steal at L$75, especially when you see the fabulous jewel-like colourways that you can buy them in. Perfect with chunky boots and a vest top, I especially like the ‘Corroded’ and ‘Algae’ choices.
Moving on from the jeans I found some rather snazzy hud colourable sash designs. These are rather pricey at L$249, but could be the perfect finishing touch to a myriad of outfits, so well worth a peek. If you like retro and rockabilly wear then you will really love ‘Hope’, a smashing two-piece dotty tied-top and skirt outfit, whereas the gown-loving brigade are sure to rate ‘Vixen’. ‘Placid’ is a good choice if you’re planning on tying the knot this spring,. It’s a tiered dress featuring a sculpted bow and is reminiscent of the cut-away dress worn in the ‘Beautiful’ perfume ads all those years ago..remember it? In other words you need great legs..not really an issue in SL though!
‘Moonshine’ is a large store and is laid out really well so it does lend itself to leisurely exploration and I had a great time just wandering around…I headed upstairs ( yes, there is an upstairs section, it’s a very large store!) where I found some more casual tops and cardigans. I really like the ‘Crush’ tops. Shelley seems to like single-strap attire and these feature 3 styles for prim attachment so would look great worn with jeans and boots. The ‘ Basic Vest’ is anything but, featuring a collar and bow attachment and a long sleeved black tee to wear beneath, should you wish.
Finally there is even a section for the chaps here too! Great menswear on display here; from chunky knit hoodies and layered tees to rib tanks. Nothing amazingly different to what you’ll find on offer at other stores, but all well made and featuring lovely colours and textures. An item to note for the more romantic fellas amongst you is ‘Poet’, a jumper with sculpted cuffs and lacing detail at the throat..very nice indeed. I especially liked the ‘Earth’ and ‘Coal’ colorways. ( Not too sure about Chilli though..I couldn’t see Jez in that in a million years!) Overall verdict? A very satisfying store to nose around, with items to appeal to all budgets and all tastes and definitely one to watch. In fact, I suggest that you take a trip to ‘Moonshine’ and drink deeply…you may find yourself a wee bit intoxicated but I promise you that it’s a very pleasant trip and may inspire frequent return journeys! (Hic!) Click HERE to go see

Pic features me in the ‘Sheer’ top in Treacle worn with LeLutka ‘Stacy’s Night Out’ leggings in oil.

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