Help for Haiti Second Life Style

One of the most genuinely amazing things about Second Life is the gestures made by residents when a real life situation becomes just utterly overwhelming. The Haiti disaster is a prime example, in real life aid is tentatively trickling into Port-Au-Prince but it’s clear that much more needs to be done before the problem can even begin to be properly dealt with. Already in SL many content creators are coming together to help by raising funds for charity, in this case the Red Cross.
OMGWTF Barbecue has established a place in world where you can go and buy items or just simply donate, and all proceeds will obviously go to the charity. In this photo I’m wearing the HOD “To Love” Rosary which is L$50. There are also items on sale from Scribble, Virtual Insanity, Turnip’s Homes, Nushru, This Is A Fawn, Ticky Tacky, Le Melange, Sweet Leonard & Needful Things, Tweedle and more will be added soon I’m sure. Even if you aren’t fussed by the wares on display ( but they are exceptional) you can donate Lindens at one of the kiosks that are in situ there.
This is a brilliant idea, and means that we can all do our bit to help, no matter how great or small…thanks for sorting this out OMGWTF and all the creators involved.

Visit by clicking HERE.

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