Kitty The Linden Lab Mind Reader…NOT

Kitty The Linden Lab Mind Reader…NOT

Latest update on the lost inventory saga.  I mean, this is almost original ticket was CLOSED if you recall, and the instructions told me to OPEN ANOTHER TICKET if I still had issues?

So I did, opened three days ago.

Got an update this morning…….


Hello Kitty

Please re-open your ticket 4051-7209950 as this has already been assigned to CSR.   Opening a new ticket for the same issue just slows the process down in getting responses out to you and to other residents.  

If the ticket is marked closed you still have the option to re-open it and let the CSR know that you are sill missing your items what more can they try.



So, I’m going to RE-OPEN my ORIGINAL closed ticket..if they had told me to do this originally I wonder how Far I’d be along?

Piss up and brewery springs to mind…….

Two other things, 1) Why couldn’t they just re-open the original ticket for me and assign accordingly, and 2) How do you re-open a closed ticket anyway??

<Sigh> I’ll keep you all posted….

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