Lil’ Urchin Kitty

Lil’ Urchin Kitty

As if you didn’t already know, Valentine’s Day is just ten days away.

This means that the grid is festooned in an orgy of pink and red and all things heart-shaped, which if I was a complete cynic would be pretty annoying, but I enjoy it. It’s another opportunity for people to create themed nicies for the shopping addicted fashionista’s to swoon over, and this year is proving to be especially good fun so far.
However, I’m on a very limited budget after my mahoosive inventory loss and I’m reluctant to accrue so much valuable stuff again without a guarantee it won’t disappear off the face of the grid. BUT because there are no guarantees then, for now I’m being canny about my purchases; so I’m especially pleased to have discovered the Valentine’s Bazaar  that is currently taking place. Every item on sale is a mere FIFTY LINDENS OR LESS, and there are some utterly gorgeous things. I’m especially enamoured with the Pink Fuel skins that are available there, the one that I’m wearing in the shot is called ‘Oopsies’, and it’s somewhat appropriate as I had a corker of a nosebleed in real life last night! I’m also wearing a beautiful frock from A-Bomb called ‘Swing Time’, which has a 1940’s vibe to it, and I teamed it with some freebie socks from Miel ( the boots are from there too). I’m also sporting my ever faithful Panjen fingerless gloves, and the necklace is also from the bazaar, by Worn, it’s the ‘Tough Love Necklace’ . Topped off with hair by Magika, I thought the finished look had a touch of street urchin about it…
If you’d like to see some alternative shots of the skins that are available check out the ever fragrant Whisper Swansong’s post over on Fabfree for a great listing. (Grab a loo roll on the way over mind, they’re a bit fapworthy 😉

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