Kittylicious! Valentine

Kittylicious! Valentine

..and this is ‘Valentine’, she’s a very-well proportioned, tall lassie with an angular, haute couture face and an attitude to match. I’d say this is a high-maintenance chick, make no mistake about that! It took me an age to work out how to do pouty chops, but now I have you’ll be seeing lots more pout in future releases. Of course, all Kittylicious! shapes are MOD, so if you want a little less pout and a bit more cheekbone you can do that yourself, just make sure your copy the original first.
As with all Kittylicious! skins I’ve tested her out with a number of various skins, although sadly since my mahoosive inventory loss not as many as I used to have.. Luckily I still have some quality skins left though, all my releases have been tested with Tuli, Le Lutka, Belleza..yep, some of the biggest and brightest designers just to make sure that they work. But for super safety, I’ll be putting demos out in stores just for you, so you can try before you buy:)

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