Kitty Likes Love(ly) Things!

Love is in the air, up your nose..all over the grid. St. Valentine’s Day is one of those celebrations that Second Life does extremely well, and we’ve been spoiled for choice with the majority of inworld events, sales and specials choosing to feature February 14th, 2018  as their focus. Whether or not you’re spending your Valentine’s Day alone or as part of a couple there are plenty of lovely things to splurge your hard earned lindens upon just for you, and I thought I would share some of my favourites with you this week. Go ahead, treat yo’self!

Let’s start with an event that you simply must not miss, FROU FROU.  This event is all about lingerie;  think sexy, feminine styling with a bit of leather and lace thrown in for good measure.  All tastes, from mildly kinky to sweet and innocent, are catered to here and even better all the items featured are 100% mesh.

Now, I’m NOT an official blogger for this, so my raving about it comes purely from my experience, but it’s one of those events that is an absolute joy to shop at. For a start it looks absolutely beautiful; the choice of skybox setting and internal decoration oozes luxury and class and makes shopping at the event a real treat, so congratulations to all involved in this Flair For Events production.Valentines_006Let me share with you my first selection from this event, the ‘Nani’ Lingerie set from BEAUTY FACTORY.  ‘Nani’ is a lace two piece set.  The top is fastened with a ribbon at the back, and the bottoms are styled as a full brief that reveals just enough through the open lace texture to tantalise whilst hiding your modesty.  I love the off-centre ribbon and bow detail on the pantie and the fluted styling of the sleeves on the top. It’s a simple set but it’s super effective, with a great lace texture that really looks the part. I opted for the simplicity of the white ‘Nani’ lingerie set, but there are six options available to choose from, including black, along with pink, red, light blue and violet.  It’s just L$199 and I think it’s an absolute steal. It looks really classy and I’m tempted to go back and get all the colours in the range! Fancy one too? I’ll see you at FROU FROU then! (If you can get in that is, but fear not, the event is open until March 10th)

Feather and Rose

Ok, final shape-show off from me. Here’s ‘Rose’ worn with the stunning ‘Mooie Vogel’ gown by Nicky Ree, some new hair from Analog Dog, called ‘Bella’ and a freebie skin from ‘Symphony Skins’ ( Lovely isn’t it?)This is a gorgeously romantic look, which is precisely what Valentines Day is all about. I hope you’ve enjoyed my previews of the three new shapes…they’ll be released VERY soon!

Kittylicious! Valentine

..and this is ‘Valentine’, she’s a very-well proportioned, tall lassie with an angular, haute couture face and an attitude to match. I’d say this is a high-maintenance chick, make no mistake about that! It took me an age to work out how to do pouty chops, but now I have you’ll be seeing lots more pout in future releases. Of course, all Kittylicious! shapes are MOD, so if you want a little less pout and a bit more cheekbone you can do that yourself, just make sure your copy the original first.
As with all Kittylicious! skins I’ve tested her out with a number of various skins, although sadly since my mahoosive inventory loss not as many as I used to have.. Luckily I still have some quality skins left though, all my releases have been tested with Tuli, Le Lutka, Belleza..yep, some of the biggest and brightest designers just to make sure that they work. But for super safety, I’ll be putting demos out in stores just for you, so you can try before you buy:)