As Pure As The Driven Snow

As Pure As The Driven Snow

..of which, we have plenty in the UK.  I swear I’m starting to get cabin fever! Anyhoo, following on from my last post raging about events is a look I cobbled together purely from shopping at two of them: FROU FROU and BLUSH. Now, you know my thoughts on FROU FROU so I won’t go over them again here.  BLUSH is a different beast, it follows a more conventional in-world format; there are no surprise layouts or quirks. When you first rez into the event you’re in a room which is pretty much filled with awesomeness. Seriously, this is where the majority of the quality is at, and I relished looking around at the lovely things that were on offer. I’m guessing this initial room cost a bit more to be included in than the second, which is a far more mixed bag; after you’ve exhausted all your shopping options in the main room and wander into the second you’ll still find great designers such as WASABI. EXILE, KIBITZ and ATOMIC to name check just a few, but if I’m being honest there are a few slightly ropey inclusions. But let me stress I’m NOT applying that to everything in the room, there are some excellent contributions to be found but it lacks the overall consistency of the first.  That said I certainly spent enough in both rooms, which contributed to my pulling this rather fabulous look together!Sweet Dreams

It’s all about layering and the purity of white, contrasted with a peekaboo bra and a cracking bolero jacket.  This is one of those occasions where I wish I had bought a ruddy fatpack rather than a few singles, but hey ho…  The jacket is really very pretty and detailed well; a textured base with fluted edging tape all the way around, and it’s tied with a bow.  Above that, I am wearing the glorious wee AVAWAY ‘Gwen’ corset collar with contrasting metal trim.  It comes with a very extensive hud enabling you to change the colour of the ribbons and the metal filigree frame.

My underwear is of course from FROU FROU, as I have simply adored that event. This peek a boo bra and panty set is from ABRASIVE. The ‘Lustful Lingerie’ set hugs the curves and really turns heads, which admittedly does tend to happen when your norks are out, even in Second Life. To complete the look I added some rather lovely AMD lace garters along with some favourite LUXURIA stockings. Last but not least, some vintage style glasses from MULLOY and the hairstyle that I really cannot get enough of at the moment, ‘Lady’ By TRUTH,  My poses are a cracking discovery that I made at BLUSH, they’re by POSEIDON and the set is called ‘Flirtation’ Who’da thunk it, huh?

Despite the obvious sauciness of this look I actually think it’s incredibly beautiful, hope you do too!

All look details included in article text; Kitty’s current basic look (avatar skin, ears etc) can be found HERE. 

Friday Thoughts: On events and all that stuff..

Friday Thoughts: On events and all that stuff..

In recent months there’s been a lot of talk about the noticeable changes in attitudes towards shopping that avatars seem to be making.  Basically, events, fairs and gacha-centric occasions don’t seem to pull in the crowds like they used to.  There are probably zillions of reasons for this, but I have a few of my own.  For one, there have been too many piss poor events that have clearly been about making cash rather than shopper experience.  Avatars are people behind keyboards after all, and there’s only so long that shoddy workmanship will be tolerated before people start to not care.  Event quality is EVERYTHING. That doesn’t just mean the quality of the goods that are on sale, but also the environment. If you put the effort in, then you’ll reap the rewards, I guarantee it.

One example of this in recent weeks has been FROU FROU.  Now, I’ve blogged about this event before but it really has been the gift that keeps on giving; the event environment is exquisite, and the items on display are top notch. I’ve spent a serious amount of money at this event because it’s been such a pleasure to shop at, and I really hope the event organisers and content creators know that.  In fact, if you’re reading this and you’re one of them, please know it’s been a sheer delight.

We’re into March now and events are coming thick and fast, and yeah, we’re starting to see a repeat of a familiar pattern; a few quality well-established gigs and a whole lotta shambles. My absolute pet hate at events is when they include content creators who have bought a few mesh templates, a few textures and thrown something together to call themselves a creator.  Now, I know everyone starts somewhere BUT I’ve no time for this kind of shit. We don’t need crappy textures from 2011 and ill-fitting garbage, we want beautiful shapes, textures, original mesh and amazing ideas!

So here’s a plea to content creators and to event organisers: make 2018 the year that you raise your standards and kick out the trash.  Don’t accept shoddy workmanship from prospective participants just because they’ve paid you a few Lindens to be included.

Build your event reputation, make it an event that people buzz about.  Trust me, word travels fast and if it’s a good one we’ll flock to it! Before you try to make your event quirky and original, get the basics right: make the location easy to navigate, with clear vendor displays and purchase points. Get a listing in the events guide, be selective about promotion using excellent photography and PR.  Have a proper organisational team that works, and don’t make it all about profit.  If you want to succeed, start off by concentrating on making your event a success by putting reputation above profit.  Invite the best to cultivate the best. If you build it properly, I promise we will come.  Oh, and here’s a call to my fellow avatars too; please for the love of all that is holy don’t bloody buy anything at crappy events, because it’s only by showing our distaste for them will we see their end.

I don’t know about you dear reader but I really want 2018 to see a real change in the avatar shopping experience; so let us all spend our money at the events that place principles before profit and ensure that both content creator and customer have a cracking time.

Oh, and here’s a promise from me as a blogger; I’ll call shit out when I see it, too.

**The event I’ve mentioned in this post, FROU FROU runs until March 10th.  Go and see it to understand where I’m coming from, and buy some new knickers while you’re at it **

Waiting For Your Guiding Light to bring Me Back

Waiting For Your Guiding Light to bring Me Back

Day Two of ‘Kitty’s Week Of Lovely Things’ and I found this lovely bodysuit by TABOU at FROU FROU. It is just so darn pretty that, yet again, I find myself loving and longing for something in my real life, not just my second. It’s a very simple fitted bodysuit, with a keyhole styling at the front featuring a bow, and substantial lace panels to the top of the thing and rear of the suit.   I actually had a ton of fun styling this; it’s just as at home under a jacket as it is a kimono; add a pair of heels and I dare you to wear it to a club! The Eva bodysuit is created to fit Slink, Belleza and Maitreya, and costs L$210. You’ll find it in this gorgeous deep red colour along with four other essential shades: Black, white, a very vibrant pink and a beautiful blue-grey. I think it’s a must-have, what do you think? Snapshot_001

For full details of Kitty’s look please refer to this blog post


Kitty Likes Love(ly) Things!

Kitty Likes Love(ly) Things!

Love is in the air, up your nose..all over the grid. St. Valentine’s Day is one of those celebrations that Second Life does extremely well, and we’ve been spoiled for choice with the majority of inworld events, sales and specials choosing to feature February 14th, 2018  as their focus. Whether or not you’re spending your Valentine’s Day alone or as part of a couple there are plenty of lovely things to splurge your hard earned lindens upon just for you, and I thought I would share some of my favourites with you this week. Go ahead, treat yo’self!

Let’s start with an event that you simply must not miss, FROU FROU.  This event is all about lingerie;  think sexy, feminine styling with a bit of leather and lace thrown in for good measure.  All tastes, from mildly kinky to sweet and innocent, are catered to here and even better all the items featured are 100% mesh.

Now, I’m NOT an official blogger for this, so my raving about it comes purely from my experience, but it’s one of those events that is an absolute joy to shop at. For a start it looks absolutely beautiful; the choice of skybox setting and internal decoration oozes luxury and class and makes shopping at the event a real treat, so congratulations to all involved in this Flair For Events production.Valentines_006Let me share with you my first selection from this event, the ‘Nani’ Lingerie set from BEAUTY FACTORY.  ‘Nani’ is a lace two piece set.  The top is fastened with a ribbon at the back, and the bottoms are styled as a full brief that reveals just enough through the open lace texture to tantalise whilst hiding your modesty.  I love the off-centre ribbon and bow detail on the pantie and the fluted styling of the sleeves on the top. It’s a simple set but it’s super effective, with a great lace texture that really looks the part. I opted for the simplicity of the white ‘Nani’ lingerie set, but there are six options available to choose from, including black, along with pink, red, light blue and violet.  It’s just L$199 and I think it’s an absolute steal. It looks really classy and I’m tempted to go back and get all the colours in the range! Fancy one too? I’ll see you at FROU FROU then! (If you can get in that is, but fear not, the event is open until March 10th)