Friday Thoughts: On events and all that stuff..

Friday Thoughts: On events and all that stuff..

In recent months there’s been a lot of talk about the noticeable changes in attitudes towards shopping that avatars seem to be making.  Basically, events, fairs and gacha-centric occasions don’t seem to pull in the crowds like they used to.  There are probably zillions of reasons for this, but I have a few of my own.  For one, there have been too many piss poor events that have clearly been about making cash rather than shopper experience.  Avatars are people behind keyboards after all, and there’s only so long that shoddy workmanship will be tolerated before people start to not care.  Event quality is EVERYTHING. That doesn’t just mean the quality of the goods that are on sale, but also the environment. If you put the effort in, then you’ll reap the rewards, I guarantee it.

One example of this in recent weeks has been FROU FROU.  Now, I’ve blogged about this event before but it really has been the gift that keeps on giving; the event environment is exquisite, and the items on display are top notch. I’ve spent a serious amount of money at this event because it’s been such a pleasure to shop at, and I really hope the event organisers and content creators know that.  In fact, if you’re reading this and you’re one of them, please know it’s been a sheer delight.

We’re into March now and events are coming thick and fast, and yeah, we’re starting to see a repeat of a familiar pattern; a few quality well-established gigs and a whole lotta shambles. My absolute pet hate at events is when they include content creators who have bought a few mesh templates, a few textures and thrown something together to call themselves a creator.  Now, I know everyone starts somewhere BUT I’ve no time for this kind of shit. We don’t need crappy textures from 2011 and ill-fitting garbage, we want beautiful shapes, textures, original mesh and amazing ideas!

So here’s a plea to content creators and to event organisers: make 2018 the year that you raise your standards and kick out the trash.  Don’t accept shoddy workmanship from prospective participants just because they’ve paid you a few Lindens to be included.

Build your event reputation, make it an event that people buzz about.  Trust me, word travels fast and if it’s a good one we’ll flock to it! Before you try to make your event quirky and original, get the basics right: make the location easy to navigate, with clear vendor displays and purchase points. Get a listing in the events guide, be selective about promotion using excellent photography and PR.  Have a proper organisational team that works, and don’t make it all about profit.  If you want to succeed, start off by concentrating on making your event a success by putting reputation above profit.  Invite the best to cultivate the best. If you build it properly, I promise we will come.  Oh, and here’s a call to my fellow avatars too; please for the love of all that is holy don’t bloody buy anything at crappy events, because it’s only by showing our distaste for them will we see their end.

I don’t know about you dear reader but I really want 2018 to see a real change in the avatar shopping experience; so let us all spend our money at the events that place principles before profit and ensure that both content creator and customer have a cracking time.

Oh, and here’s a promise from me as a blogger; I’ll call shit out when I see it, too.

**The event I’ve mentioned in this post, FROU FROU runs until March 10th.  Go and see it to understand where I’m coming from, and buy some new knickers while you’re at it **

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