Kitty Visits ‘Fabulous Fashion’ Set

Kitty Visits ‘Fabulous Fashion’ Set

Here I am at the ‘Fabulous Fashion With Angie Mornington’ set. I’ve wandered over because you can now sponsor a seat in the auditorium, for a whole year and I thought I’d pop along and see how it costs..alas, it’s out of my league! L$20k for a front row seat, L$15k for the middle, and L$10k for the back…*ouch* Still, it is for a year..and I guess there is the exclusivity aspect to consider, but I think only the Brangelina’s of the metaverse will be able to afford that! I’d love to be on this show, it’s a great idea. Incidentally, you can just make out the freebie wall in the top right of this shot, and be sure to come and get a free Treet TV so you can watch from home.
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2 thoughts on “Kitty Visits ‘Fabulous Fashion’ Set

  1. There are some 5k back row either end. And yes it’s for an entire year. These seats are really for people who want to help keep our show on the air. Much like theatre companies do in RL. By buying a chair you are in fact making an act of phillanthropy. And showing your support, you can have notecards landmarks and we site addys in The plaque which means you also get something back from us besides a huge thankyou. For a year and a half I’ve been paying for the production costs Out of my own pocket with a very small dedicated amount of sponsors. advetising hasn’t really taken off yet. Despite our huge audience, This year is make or break for us. None of my staff are vollunteers and I don’t take a wage. And I’m happy to say that there Are some Brangelinas who have very kindly bought front row seats god bless em. Thankyou for blogging it we hope to keep broadcasting for many years yet!


  2. I didn’t spot the 5k ones, so I am glad you have posted a reply..I must say you do a great job and I have really enjoyed watching the show on my free tv, it’s obviously a labour of love for all involved. Keep up the good work!


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