Tiny Bird Group Gifty!

Tiny Bird Group Gifty!


You cannot miss this, because you will be kicking yourself for a very long time if you do (We all know you can do that in SL, have you ever experienced the bug that lifts your legs into the air? Most disconcerting when that happens..)
Tiny Bird has the smashingest group gift in their Festivale store.
Join the subscribo on the way in, and you’ll see the gift in roughly the centre of the shop. Buy for L$0 and wear. As you can see in the photo you have a basket of eggs; clicking on each one produces a folder in your inventory with a selection of colours, and the egg you’ve opened cracks in the nest! I chose the black egg and the colour I’m wearing is ‘Deep Black’. I think it’s beautiful. I have to say I’ve not been as stunned by the presentation of a gift in a very long time. Not only that, you get tons of colours for no spend at all. Now that my friends, is generosity.. Epic win for Tiny Bird it is then!

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