Sometimes a look just comes together…

Sometimes a look just comes together…

..and this is one I am especially loving at the moment, especially when you consider that the hair was a freebie from (W&Y) Waka and Yuki’s store opening. Alas, it’s not available in this free option anymore, but it is, as they say in these ‘ere parts, ‘a bobby dazzler’. I’m also wearing a skin from Beauty Avatar, called ‘Nefertiti’. Now, when it comes to skins I am a right fussy old bat, and if I’m honest I tend to be wary of skin offers that I hear about if the products are uber-cheap or free. It pays to wary; often the skins are ripped, not something that needs to be encouraged in-world as you’ll all be aware of by now I’m sure. So it’s with some relief that I can tell you this beautiful skin is from Beauty Avatar’s outlet store that features clothing for men and women and this range of skins at …..TEN LINDENS EACH. A full spectrum of utterly beautiful skins too, you can buy an absolute shedload due to these prices. Absolutely amazing. The most expensive item in this picture is the dress that I am wearing, it’s by a new designer in world called Muhi. This is the ‘Helfer’ dress, and it is very fine indeed..BUT it’s going to be a real struggle to fit to larger avatars, hence I’m wearing one of my slighter shapes in this. I was completely impressed by the clothing range in store, but the range is pricey; you won’t get much change out of L$400 for this dress or the other items in store. Look at it another way though, the money you’ve saved on hair and skin means you can perhaps splash out? That’s one of the joys of shopping in SL, sometimes you drop lucky and don’t need to break the bank. I think it all looks perfect, hope you like!

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