Back from the W&Y show…

Back from the W&Y show…

..and it’s almost 3am in the UK and I am cream crackered, but I just had to show you this stunning gift that was bestowed upon the attendees. I really wish you could have been there to see all the stunning hair designs for male and female avatars that were shown tonight; the models were quite frankly delicious, the clothing complimented each style beautifully and the presentation was perfect. My only complaint was a bit too much Mariah Carey on the soundtrack! But let’s not detract from the hair; it is beautiful and stylish and surprisingly accessible..I mean, look at me, curls? Who would have thought it? I’ll pop back to the store over the next few days and show you some of the styles that were featured tonight, but I’m afraid at the moment the island is laggy as hell as everyone tries to get this limited time gift..(main entrance of the store, only there for an hour so be quick!)

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