Sora Tatham, Miss Virtual World starlet at W&Y show

Sora Tatham, Miss Virtual World starlet at W&Y show

You can see why can’t you? Beautiful…

 I am so impressed by the models here, their timing has been spot on and the choice of poses that they have used has been spot on.  As a shape creator it’s been interesting to see the shapes that each model has used, alas just like the catwalks in real life each model is very slender with elongated legs, but there is a touch of curve to some of them.  I’ve been truly impressed by the male models too, each one has been utterly gorgeous.  It’s interesting to note that I’m more impressed by seeing slender male models than I am by the female ones: I think that’s because each male shape looks more realistic when the muscles aren’t as in your muscled marys on display here.  I would have loved to have been able to take a few pictures of teh boys to share with you , but it was very difficult to achieve a shot that wasn’t partially greyed out:( The lag was pretty dreadful.

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