5 NEW L. Fauna Lapine make-ups! YAY!

5 NEW L. Fauna Lapine make-ups! YAY!

L. Fauna has released demos of the new make-up range for the Lapine series of skins. There’s a total of five new colourings and each one is equally fabulous.I’ve gone for the demo of the TAN 2 skin here, and I am wearing a selection called ‘Overdose’. These are seriously beautiful skins; very different to my normal choice of body covering but absolutely essential Second Life wear. There’s a reason this brand has such a huge following in-world, and that is because the skins radiate glamour, don’t you think? Alas for me I’ll be sticking to demos for the mo. Go and buy some of my shapes so I can treat myself to a pack of these new wonderful additions! Go on…please?!
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