Kitty Suggests: 7 cheap or free things to do today!

Kitty Suggests: 7 cheap or free things to do today!

  1. Do as I did, and go for a bijou frolicette at Alirium Gardens, because it’s VERY pretty.
  2. Pop over to Pixeldolls and MARVEL at the wonderful goodies on sale for a measley L$10..there’s a vast range of tops, skirts, dresses, gowns and ensembles that are perfect for every occasion. Stock up. (The dress I am wearing in the previous post is from that very sale..good eh?)
  3. Go and visit my Kittylicious! Shapes stores at Malt, Harlow and Second Style Island, because very soon I’m going to be revamping the whole range and getting rid of lots of shapes forever. Sadly I’ll also be closing one of my stores too (but more news on that later) You can click HERE for a series of headshots of my releases this year..three are already out, the remainder will be coming soon.
  4. Fancy a great freebie home? Then  get yourself a FREE COTTAGE by tp’ing  HERE It’s actually very nice indeed, and is courtesy of Sedona Sparrow@ NEST.
  5. Wander over to the Car Wash sim (home to Fabfree!) and enjoy the CART SALE, items are L$10 and under and there are 65 vendors participating! Can you imagine?!
  6. Buy even more bargains from the Alatiel Fashions outlet; with prices at L$100 and under plus styles for both men and women, you’re sure to find something to tickle yours (or his!) fancy.
  7. Finally, go to  Wildfire Designs/Firestorm and buy the amazing animated watering can and flowerbox, and even better the stunning Moroccan lounger, for only L$25 each as part of the ‘L$25 Tuesdays’ event.

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