Breakaway Bike…

Breakaway Bike…

(Cue Kelly Clarkson) I’m going to add fuel to the fire on that rumour that I spend most of my Second Life with my head up my virtual butt (there is photographic proof of this if you scroll down the page) because I hadn’t heard of ‘Essential Soul’ poses until last night. Alas, I fear my first visit will be burned on my memory forevermore, seeing as I rezzed in the store completely naked and visible to everyone, including Steven Dean the store owner. I have to say he was a real gent, whereas I was completely mortified, BUT during my brief visit I realised I’d stumbled across a very interesting place indeed, so once I’d managed to acquire clothing ( took ages to rez, was all very odd) I returned so that I could have a good old-fashioned looksy at this rather gorgeous bike.

The ‘Breakaway Bike’, is a beautifully sculpted and detailed vehicle that is riddled with poses. Look, I don’t know much about bikes in RL or SL but I know when I see a really gorgeous piece of kit and this is just a seriously chunky, substantial piece of nom! It features 7 female and 7 male poses, as well as 19 male combo poses, 10 female combos, 8 couple and 8 group poses. That’s a serious amount of pose happy, and as I’m sure you can imagine it offers tons of potential for photos. AT L$2949 it’s NOT cheap, but I bought one as a gifty for my beloved Sable and Amanda last night and Steven sorted it all out for me, even asking if there was a message that I would like to be  passed on when he delivered the item.  I love touches like that;  that’s pretty good service , and even better is the fact that Mands and Sable LOVE this bike . They have exemplary ( and expensive !) tastes do my girlfriends, and watching them test out the bike and the incumbent poses was a real joy, because they were utterly delighted with it!  If you feel like channeling your inner Lemmy and getting some serious motorbike action I heartily recommend you go take the Breakaway Bike for a spin! CLICK HERE to go straight to the store..

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