Make Mine A Makoto5

This tasty little number is Makoto5, a new public preview skin from ISSIGNOSIS (Miula Jun) and it’s just gone on sale for L$1 on Xstreetsl. This isn’t the full version of the skin apparently, but for a Linden it’s a great addition to your flesh inventory. The skintone and depth are excellent, and if you go to Xstreet you’ll see a close-up of the face, and a bodyshot which demonstrate perfectly just how good this skin is. The pack also comes with a shape especially created for this skin, but I’ve used my own shape for it and I’m rather pleased with the results…if you’d like one please IM me in world and I’ll send you a copy 🙂 To finish the look I’ve got a dress from PIXELDOLLS, hair by W&Y and bracelets from CAD & TART. I think Makoto is very pretty indeed, and I’m not letting Jez anywhere near her.  (He has a fetish for ladies of an Asian persuasion, let’s leave it at that shall we?) Got a linden? Good, click here to go and snaffle a bargain!

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