Bat for these lashes….

Bat for these lashes….

Now I’ve had a Second Life frustration for the past couple of years that has driven me often to utter despair, and that has been the correct attachment of  PRIM LASHES. For some unfathomable reason, despite my reading countless blog entries and watching numerous tutorials I have NEVER been satisfied with the results and have thrown my toys out of the pram on numerous occasions because f my sheer prim-lash ineptitude. I’ve also wasted a fair few bob on prim lashes to boot…and they aren’t cheap. Now, with the advent of 2.0 I can kind of breathe a sigh of relief, because many content creators are using the super cool new tattoo layer to create beautiful designs for the face, as well as make-ups and EYELASHES! Happy dance AHOY!!! Strawberry Singh posted a STUNNING portrait on her blog earlier and the lashes featured in her piece were quoted as coming from Stellar off I trotted…and there they were. I am CHUFFED to pieces, no more faffing about just wear them and job’s a carrot. You can buy individually, but I suggest splashing out L$325 and purchasing the four-pack, which features basic, everyday, flashy and emo varieties.  You can try a demo, I did, and that was it, I was hooked. Go and see for yourself, they may not be your thing, you may prefer your prim lashes(clever sod), but for those of us that struggled, the very least I can say is go and try these.

Oh, and an appeal to content creators on the grid…MORE lashes, MORE facial tattoos, MORE make fact MORE EVERYTHING using this new layer cos I LOVE IT!

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