So, tried the web on a prim function yet?

So, tried the web on a prim function yet?

I have, I gave it a go this morning and I’m hooked! It’s so utterly simple, yet means while I’m busy in my studio or at my virtual home I can keep up to tabs with the latest news, e-mails, Xstreet bargains..everything without leaving the comfort of my Second Life. This almost negates my having a first life, if I’m brutally honest! I was shown how to do this by one of my Plurk buddies, Don Hosho, and it’s stupidly straightforward. Basically, rez an object (ctrl + B) and texture it (For this example I rezzed a cube, squashed and stretched it and then applied a blank texture, white, and switched it to full bright) In the texture menu, at the bottom, you’ll see a wee ‘+’ icon. Using that allows you to enter a URL, and bob’s your uncle…plus you can interact and refresh the page as you would normally.Of course, there are security issues to bear in mind here, for example you’d have to be a VERY silly billy if you were going to do your online-banking inworld using this functionality, but at the moment it genuinely  feels like the sky is the limit with Second Life innovations like this one…

Bloody marvellous if you ask me!

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