Tattoo You…

Tattoo You…

First up dear readers, HUGE grovelling apologies for my not blogging for (gulp) almost a week.
It’s my RL shifts, alas some weeks they bugger me up more than usual and I’m afraid that’s been the case here. Still, I’ll more than make up for it I can assure you! So, how have you been, missed me? Having fun with 2.0? I must confess that I’m really getting into my stride with it now. I’m not in as much of a loving minority as I was with it last week either; I’ve encountered a lot of people who are gagging for the new viewer, especially the Snowglobe version. I’m running Snowglobe 2.0 at the moment and SL is rezzing better and faster and is noticeably less laggy, so I do heartily recommend that you give it a whirl.
Of course, I eagerly await the Emerald 2.0 viewer. I think everyone is waiting for that one with baited breath, fingers crossed!
Anyway, to get us back into the swing of things, let me share a nice look I’ve just created with you. This is sort of beach-beautiful, which I’ve crafted using CURIO ‘Beach-Jellyfish 2’. I’m wearing a chest enhancing attachment with it from LINC, and the jewellery is by my favourite jewellers at the moment, $GaNKeD$. The gorgeusly summery hair is ‘Justine’ in ‘Barley’ by TRUTH, and the dress is called ‘Open Up’ in plum, by UB. But the main reason I created this was because I wanted to share the stunning butterfly face tattoo I won today at DEVOL. They have a roulette machine in store, you pay it L$50 and you receive a face tattoo selection at random. I had two attempts and got two beauties; this butterfly tattoo and a stars tattoo. I love the fact that we have a tattoo layer now in the new viewer, and it’s going to make such a difference to designers. Make-up, facial tattoos and various adornments, even hair bases can be created for this layer now and it’s really going to revolutionise some of the looks that we see on our virtual catwalks and blogs in the near future. I’m sore impressed with this look and I hope you are think, we’ve only had 2.0 for just over a week as well….

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