Witchy Wednesdays-THE HUNT IS ON!

Okies, remember me telling you about a forthcoming Ostara hunt? Well folks, it’s started. I’ve not had the time, opportunity or inclination to partcipate in it fully yet, but I have visited a couple of loctions to see if I could share some goodies with you upon these pages. So far the Pentacles (because that’s what you’re looking for) have NOT been easy to find at all, well not for me anyway. I know it’s a hunt and it’s pointless having items in plain sight, but at the same time nothing annoys me more than wasting my SL time looking for something; if it takes me more than half an hour I just tend to not bother anymore..BUT of course the most important point to note is that hunt items are of course freebies, and for that we should be grateful. Nobody is forcing us to hunt after all!
Anyway, here’s a very beautiful item that I managed to find rather swiftly, because I was pushed for time. This is the gorgeous Ostara Tulip Goddess necklace from Sable Rose, the jewellery company belonging to Rosie Barthelmess, who is just an absolute darling.  Rosie makes beautiful pieces that she shells for diddly squat. She has a fine collection of Pagancentric pieces in store, as well as freebies and more avant garde items. She also has a great selection for the chaps. This Ostara necklace is just too darned pretty for words, and there’s also a smashing gift for menfolk too, a double leather thong necklace featuring a Pentacle and triple sun cartouche. Very imaginative and a great hunt find; both are in the same package.

If you participate with the hunt please let me know what you manage to find, there is a blog but it’s not updated with visuals as yet although there are clues upon the page..check out this link and happy hunting! ( And check out Rosie’s other lovely in-store items too!)

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