Berry’s Monday Meme- What’s Your Digits? (Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge(Entry 24 of 30))

Berry’s Monday Meme- What’s Your Digits? (Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge(Entry 24 of 30))


Berry’s meme this week is all about avatar sizing. At the end of it she asks us to disclose our digits; I haven’t had time to do that yet but I will do that tomorrow. While I was researching this issue I found an old (2008!) interesting conversation on SLU regarding avatar bodyshapes.  Although time has passed, some of the arguments are still relevant today. You can read it HERE.

Like all of Berry’s previous Monday challenges and memes this really got me thinking, especially about the way I represent myself in world. I love Kitty’s shape, but I have no issue in adding a few pounds here and there when I feel like it. (Note I say add rather than take away, I think she’s darn near perfect size-wise and I simply cannot bear avatars that are too thin!) Upon reflection I feel a bit guilty sometimes that she’s not bigger!

Anyway, here are my answers and I’ll update the rest tomorrow.

Thanks again for the challenge Berrycakes!

  1. Do you try and keep your avatar’s body proportionate and similar to the “average” proportions (pictured here)? I do try and retain some sense of proportion on my avatar’s body-shape. I often tinker about though, I like Kitty to have a belly and hips and boobs and carry a bit of weight on her.  I admit that I will tweak her shape to fit clothing better but I don’t see anything wrong in that.  She tends towards a M or L in standard sizing, much like me in real life! (Well, large actually. I like cake.)
  2.  What do you dislike the most about the SL avatar mesh? Hands and feet are the main problems, but they can be easily remedied now thanks to the wonders of Slink hands and feet. I wouldn’t be without mine now! My biggest bug-bear HAS to be wrists. They’re so ruddy ungainly on avatars, so I always hide them with bangles or bracelets and watches. Mesh hands again help with that issue, although there’s a slight gap that can be easily rectified  by wearing loads of nice jewellery. At the moment I’m loading up my virtual wrists with the Boom Friendship bracelets from the arcade because I love them to death!
  3.  Does it bother you when you see other avatars that are not proportionate at all? Well, we live in a virtual world so the idea is that you can look however you want to look, so with that in mind I try not to judge. Having said that, of course I do, even if I don’t realise it. I confess that I inwardly draw breath sometimes when I see how skinny some avatars are. What is it with the super long-legged, skinny crowd? And whilst I love my bum, hips and tum, when I see some avatars walking around with their inflated Kenny Everett arses I have to try really hard not to laugh. But that’s when it’s taken to extremes, obviously. I do like it when I see plus-sized avatars in-world actually. It’s quite brave to be a plus-sized avatar in a world where in a few clicks you can be ‘perfect’ (whatever THAT means) so I’m impressed when I see them. It’s sad that it impresses me actually, because it’s merely a reflection of real life being brought into the virtual world. I always loved seeing Rosie Barthelmess in-world, a gorgeous plus-sized avatar and a lovely person too.
  4. Even though this is a virtual world and people can be anything they want to be, do you feel when they are in human form, they should try to keep their proportions close to average? No, they can do what the hell they want, that’s the whole point! I may not like the look they’ve created, but that’s my own personal opinion and it doesn’t matter. They design their avatar to express themselves how they see fit, it has bugger all to do with me and nor should it!
Witchy Wednesdays: Ostara Edition

Witchy Wednesdays: Ostara Edition

I realise that I haven’t  produced a ‘Witchy Wednesday’ post in a VERY long time, so here’s a quick post. Today is Ostara after all, a time for new beginnings and fresh starts, so I felt spurred on to write for you all; but what to write about?

In need of inspiration, I took a trip over to Witchfest island Mall.  In real life I used to be a member of the Children Of Artemis, so it’s always pleased me no end that they have representation in world. But truth be told, the mall is looking somewhat depleted these days. The always wonderful Artemis Tavern is still going strong, and servicing the community with pride, but I can’t help but feel that it’s time for an image change.  I stayed and had a good nosy around, but I didn’t see many sculpted items for sale, let alone any mesh.   In fact compared to other areas of Second Life it looks very dated indeed. This saddens me, and it pains me to say that, because I have a lot of admiration for the people that put in their time and effort to run the community there, but  I really do think that the area desperately needs freshening up and a re-model is past due. That aside the area is still VERY popular with Witches, Wiccans and Pagans in Second Life, and rightly so, so please don’t think I’m dissing it entirely, I just think an image change would bring even more people to the shops and into the wonderful community that resides there.

After my quick wander round I felt a tad-deflated, so I had a nosey at in-world search and an ad for Raven Keep piqued my interest.  I’ve never heard of it before, so I TP’ed over to take a look, and it’s rather interesting!


There are a great array of items here for any Second Life Witch to enjoy.  You’ll discover lots of home ware at great prices, with many unique, pleasing touches.   It’s clear that the owner, Karra Babii, has a great imagination which is just what you want to see when it comes to all things Witchy! You’ll see cauldrons in various sizes as well as weather-vanes, wiccan signs and textures and ritual equipment.  There’s a black Altar that would certainly look the part at the centre of a ritual; with the black and shiny marble giving it a really masculine feel. Something for the male Witch in your life perhaps?Image

You’ll also spy some  really nice prim spell books, goblets mugs and drinking vessels, and my favourite part of the store was the herbal collection and apothecary.   This is great fun; a startling array of jars and potions all with labels detailing the concoctions inside; Earthworms, Petrified Butterflies or Dragon Flesh anyone?  Stick a few of these in your kitchen and see who notices!The Wiccan Attic Wash Table’s are very pretty and modern, with a sort of shabby chic, and would look good as a mini-altar in the home. There’s space to fit a Crystal ball or statue, wand and candle on the top, and at L$99 they’re not going to break the bank.

A quick sprint to Sable Rose so I can quickly  mention of an old favourite of mine, the Ostara jewellery set.


I’ve always liked Rosie’s designs, and I’ve always loved the male and female versions of this particular set and worn them both with pride (I’ve kinda always liked the male version better..shh!) but it’s the perfect item to wear to an Ostara ritual, or to gift to a friend on the Spring Equinox, so do go and check it out.

ImageI’ve just learned  that my favourite altars of all time, from Peculiar Designs, have been upgraded to make them even more awesome!   Alas, they’re a little too prim heavy for my everyday use, but I’m hopeful that in the near future perhaps esteemed creator Poppy Teskat will come up with something to alleviate the prim count a smidgen, because to be perfectly honest I’ve yet to find altars that are this good. I’ve seen some that come very close, but there’s just something about the way her items are constructed that makes them worth the L$450 price tag. That may seem steep, but consider these an investment as you will never need another altar in-world again. In my pictures above I’m displaying the older versions which are still stylish after a few years, but  I notice that Poppy now has new versions for sale that feature different rezzable props for each Sabbat. If you‘re planning your ritual for this weekend let me tell you that the Ostara version of this altar features a moon-gazing hare!  How delightful is that?! (Picture below taken from Poppy’s marketplace listing)


The Altars themselves are available in some really lovely wood textures now too. as well as featuring previous details such as their changeable textiles and metals .I know I said they’re prim heavy BUT if you have the spare prims to accommodate these altars then I seriously wouldn’t think twice before  splashing out.  I notice from Poppy’s profile that she’s got quite the year ahead of her but I really hope she finds the time to come into Second Life and add even more to her range of amazing Wiccan items..wouldn’t some sculptie prims or even mesh be just wonderful?

Last but not least, I zoomed over to Gaia Rising,which is probably my favourite Pagan sim in Second Life, to see if they were having an Ostara ritual there. I’ve featured their lovely rituals on these pages before, but sadly when I got there I couldn’t see anyone around.  Instead I lit a candle and threw a wish into their wishing cauldron  before taking a slow, enjoyable walk around.  (I had some fun taking a few pictures of the area using the ‘depth’ feature in the camera options, and then added some light via Picmonkey, the result is below)


Whatever you’re doing for Ostara, may it be a very blessed time for you indeed.

I hope I can find some lovely Witchy items to feature again here in the near future, especially quality  sculpties or mesh items, so if you know of any be sure to drop me an IM in-world and let me know!

Witchy Wednesdays-THE HUNT IS ON!

Witchy Wednesdays-THE HUNT IS ON!

Okies, remember me telling you about a forthcoming Ostara hunt? Well folks, it’s started. I’ve not had the time, opportunity or inclination to partcipate in it fully yet, but I have visited a couple of loctions to see if I could share some goodies with you upon these pages. So far the Pentacles (because that’s what you’re looking for) have NOT been easy to find at all, well not for me anyway. I know it’s a hunt and it’s pointless having items in plain sight, but at the same time nothing annoys me more than wasting my SL time looking for something; if it takes me more than half an hour I just tend to not bother anymore..BUT of course the most important point to note is that hunt items are of course freebies, and for that we should be grateful. Nobody is forcing us to hunt after all!
Anyway, here’s a very beautiful item that I managed to find rather swiftly, because I was pushed for time. This is the gorgeous Ostara Tulip Goddess necklace from Sable Rose, the jewellery company belonging to Rosie Barthelmess, who is just an absolute darling.  Rosie makes beautiful pieces that she shells for diddly squat. She has a fine collection of Pagancentric pieces in store, as well as freebies and more avant garde items. She also has a great selection for the chaps. This Ostara necklace is just too darned pretty for words, and there’s also a smashing gift for menfolk too, a double leather thong necklace featuring a Pentacle and triple sun cartouche. Very imaginative and a great hunt find; both are in the same package.

If you participate with the hunt please let me know what you manage to find, there is a blog but it’s not updated with visuals as yet although there are clues upon the page..check out this link and happy hunting! ( And check out Rosie’s other lovely in-store items too!)