25 Linden Tuesday

25 Linden Tuesday

25 Linden Tuesday, originally uploaded by =^..^=Kitty O’Toole =^..^=.

You may not be aware of 25 Linden Tuesday, especially if you aren’t a member of the Fantasy/Gor role-playing crowd, but it is often worth checking out. I don’t understand Gor at all; I’ve read the wiki entry and that was enough for me because it all sounds way too patriarchal and complicated, but I know that there’s a whole genre of stores and shops offering items aimed at this niche market and some of the wares sold are really special indeed, and can of course be adapted to other uses. It’s a fact that some of the most beautiful rustic furniture I’ve ever seen in-world I have discovered on sale at various Gorean outlets, so to me 25 linden Tuesday is always worth checking out. This week is a mixed bag, but I discovered a great outfit called ‘Nickeled and Dimed’ at a store called ‘Spellbound’ I guess the premise is that you are a slave being sold at auction, because the outfit comes with a slave tattoo and a nickel to wear in your mouth. Sorry, but no matter how it’s sold I can’t romanticise slavery, so I’ve disregarded those elements completely and left myself with a very pretty bikini. It also comes with a small skirt with a coin-belt decoration, and the option to wear the skirt with an attached coin purse, but what really attracted me to it is the bikini top, because it looks as though it’s been created from an illustration of crystals attached to a string mesh..it’s rather sweet. I dunno, I just liked it and thought it would look good on the virtual beach, and at L$25 it’s definitely not a bank-breaking purchase.

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