25 Linden Tuesdays-Picking Shooms!

25 Linden Tuesdays-Picking Shooms!

Here’s my other ‘pick’ of this weeks 25 Linden Tuesday items; a rather sweet mushroom picking ‘chore’ from ‘Firestorm‘. Obviously, judging by the poster this previously sold for L$200, but today it’s available for a fraction of that cost. There’s some nice animations included, and I’ve bought one and put it on my land because it’s just so sweet..and I like mushrooms. Especially in a big greasy fry up…nom nom!
Incidentally, out of shot to my left is another 25lt item, a HUGE public bath in white or black marble..a steal for $L25. In fact, while you’re here, walk over the stepping stones and check out the goodies at ‘Sweet Poison’. In particular I recommend that you pay a visit to the ‘Blowout Sale’ area. The sale ends on the 31st of March, so you have until then to take advantage of the bargains on offer, and they are plentiful. Remember what I said about seeing some of the best period furniture at Gorean themed stores? ‘Sweet Poison’ is a prime example, and there are some fabulous furniture items which would work just as well in Victorian, Medieval, Tudor, Gothic and Elven style homes. I’m extremely taken with the ‘Tree Of Knowledge’ room outfits, including a waiting room set, study and beautiful bedroom. Each one is highly detailed and has beautiful features; the bed is especially nice. It strikes me that this kind of furniture would be perfect in the new Linden Homes, alas because of the measley prim limit you wouldn’t fit much in. Anyway, that’s my recommendation for today,go and see both stores and see what you think!

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