Sneaky Peak…Sassy Six

Sneaky Peak…Sassy Six

Here’s one of the new shapes that I’ve been working on.

This shape is called ‘Six’. I’m wearing a Curio skin for this shot (they’re my default choice so you’ll have to forgive my bias!) and the dress is a new find that I discovered at a store called ‘Sassy!’

It’s a lovely store and sells an amazing range of sexy wee dresses and separates. I can NEVER have enough sexy dresses in SL, and Sassy! sells  items at really good prices with great detailing (such as wrinkles in the fabric; it always helps to add a little authenticity) Expect to see more of them featured on here.
I finished the look with fabulous arm warmers from A&M and hair by Truth…

I hope you like ‘Six’ and I’ll be featuring even more of the new shapes and ways to wear them very soon.

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