Happy St Patricks Day!

Happy St Patricks Day!

I was muttering my dissent earlier this week to Amanda about St Patrick’s Day; about how it gets highjacked by all and sundry and I was bemoaning the fact that other national Saint’s days in the United Kingdom aren’t celebrated with the same fervour and how I was resolutely determined not to get swept up by it all…I confess, I was being very “Bah humbug”.Then I realised…I’ve got an Irish chuffing surname haven’t I? I mean, O’Toole is as Irish as Kerrygold butter so it would be plain wrong for me not to celebrate it! So I am doing:)This is the perfect outfit too, a lovely maxi dress from Gfield which was sent out in their subscribo (and is still available too) I’ve teamed it with my ‘Good Luck’ necklace from Concrete Flowers, which is a bottle with a darling four-leaved clover inside with a wee ladybird on top. I’ve finished the look with red hair (of course) from Analog Dog. This is the ever popular ‘Lua’ hairstyle ( which you can get a free version of at the store) I popped over to Botanical to take some pictures and soak up the atmosphere, but not before I took a trip to St Patricks Day Town which is completely bonkers…YOU MUST GO!! Green  everywhere, leprachauns, pots of gold and LOTS of avatars soaking up the festive atmosphere. I heartily recomend that you pop along and enjoy, and a very Happy St Patricks Day to you!

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