I really hope the Lindens don’t miss this..

I really hope the Lindens don’t miss this..

..AMAZING marketing opportunity.

Stephanie Meyer,  the author behind the Twilight saga, releases a new book on June 5th and it’s expected to be the bestseller of the year. No surprise there really.  The book follows the life of Bree, a Vampire who features in ‘Eclipse’, the third novel, and describes how she forms part of a Vampire army that rises up against Bella and Edward. The book will go on sale at 5.05 am on June 5 as a hardback and an e-book will be available the same day at 11am. There’s also going to be a dedicated website, http://www.breetanner.com, where for a limited period fans will be able to read the 192 page novella online.

But here’s the best bit; the book is called “The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner”

Now, can you see where I’m coming from here? If I was the Linden’s marketing department I’d be beating down the door of the Little, Brown publishing house to get involved here, because the amount of twi-hards who will be queuing around the block to get hold of a copy of this book will be immense, and if an in-world tie-in were to be promoted it would have the potential to bring a lot of fresh blood into Second Life…excuse the pun. The possibilities are endless; a Twilight inspired forest world perhaps? A virtual recreation of Bella and Edwards home? A way of reading the e-book in-world?

Just a thought….

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