The grid is, quite literally, hopping mad these days, and I’m not just talking about Prok when I say that either:) You practically can’t move without bumping into a bunny. Literally. The little breeding bleeders are everywhere! I don’t mind the Ozimals Bunnies though, they’re a million more times attractive than the chickens or the turtles ever were, and you can get such nice things for them; houses and accessories and all kinds of pretty. What’s not to love?
Of course Easter is fast approaching, hence the bunnification, and there are eggs and chicks and hunts and all sorts to keep you busy over the forthcoming long weekend. Content creators have been VERY busy, and there are some lovely items to be found with which to decorate your virtual home. Do a search on Xstreet and you’ll find some great stuff,and some utterly dismal items too, but my personal favourites are the work of Minke and Sway Dench. Minke has some stunning fixtures and fittings on display and they will really jazz up your home for the holiday, but for this post I’m going to focus very quickly on Sway Dench.
I’ve mentioned Sway and her fabulousness before, but if y ou aren’t familiar with her work she creates wonderful objects and fashions, from cookie bears to dresses to bedroom furniture, there’s nothing this talented lady cannot put her hand to. Her home sim, Swayland, has a Butterfly Hunt underway at the moment, and there are also some lovely Easter themed items on sale for not very many Lindens at all..
A simple yet really fun accessory is this Bunny Bag. At only L$50 it’s a bargain which Easters up an outfit in no time, and even better than that it’s colour change too so will coordinate nicely with your outfit. I’m wearing it with a lovely frock from Coco, a real investment piece at L$275 that you can dress up or down to your heart’s content. One problem though; it is a b*stard to fit. I wish fashion designers would realise that not every avatar has slender or small proportions. Personally I always have issues with items from Asian designers. For RunoRuno I made a shape specifically for the purpose of wearing the clothing, but it gets a bit tiresome having to do that for every designer and faffing around refitting prims is a real ball-ache sometimes. Still that’s the price you pay for quality fashion I guess, because it is a beautiful dress…anyway, go and get yourself a bunny bag.

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