A Kittylicious Update….

A Kittylicious Update….

So regular readers of the blog may be wondering what’s going on because I’ve not been updating properly, due to RL health issues, and when I have I’ve been blogging about my shapes. Constantly! Ok, time to fess up; something VERY exciting is happening to the Kittylicious brand, and I’m so stoked that I can’t keep it in anymore….
But first let’s track-back a little. Kittylicious! started life as a market stall in Malt in June 2009. A fortnight later, and completely on a whim, I decided to take a leap of faith and rented a store, which then turned into an even bigger store and then two stores (At Malt, and at Harlow) This was hugely satisfying for me on a personal level, but it’s now time for the brand to evolve again. Recently, I decided not to renew my rental at Harlow, which was a shame as I was relatively successful there, but I needed to hold on to my funds while I thought about the best way to take the brand forward.
With that in mind, I decided to rent at the beautiful ‘Second Style Island’ location, and embarked on a terrific adventure with Sable Sunset and Amanda Shinji. I asked ‘Able Sable and Handy Mandy’ ( They’ll kill me for writing that here!) to help me with the image of my store and brand. I can’t manipulate prims to save my life, but Sable is a veritable Goddess of prim manipulation, and her building skills combined with Amanda’s eye for corking design have resulted in an interior to die for at my store in Second Style Island. Not only that, but Amanda and Sable offered me the chance to host my main shop at Nu Republik, and I leapt at the chance. Nu Republik is a stunning location and it’s a real honour to have my store featured there, on the seafront no less!
Alas, all this change means that at the end of the month my Malt location will be no more. I’m sad about that because Malt is a wonderful sim, and Khea Karas is a wonderfully supportive and helpful sim owner, but for the moment I have to concentrate on getting the best value for money that I possibly can, and this means trimming my rental expenses and concentrating on making more sales.
It’s always been my policy to use criticism and comments as a basis for growth, and despite a few knock-backs over the past few months I feel stronger for it. I’m grateful for all the feedback I receive; it helps me to develop my shape making skills and concentrate on areas that have been highlighted to me. That said, when it comes down to it, I make shapes. There’s no point in being pretentious about it! The only reason people buy a shape is because they can’t be bothered with faffing around with the sliders to make one of their own. It’s much more convenient to buy a ready-made shape and as I’ve always said I don’t see the sense in charging the earth for that privilege, but I have to recognise that I need to make at least some return for my efforts. Therefore I’m going to change the pricing policies at Kittylicious a little, but don’t worry; no shape will ever cost over L$150 (Previously my guarantee was L$100, but hey, I’ve inflation to consider!)There are of course stores that sell shapes for triple that price, some even as much as L$1000, and good luck to them for doing that, but I firmly believe that I can offer a quality product at a fraction of that price tag and still have happy customers. So, let me tell you about the goodies.. There’s going to be a LOAD of new female shapes at both locations, and some old faves at Nu which have been heavily reduced. Old shapes vary in price from L$10-L$50, so bargains ahoy, BUT the biggest news of all must be the official release of my range of male shapes. This has been a LONG time coming after a couple of false starts, but I’m pleased to say that my initial range features four ferocious fellas, priced at L$150 each…you’ll have seen select images of them recently. I’m also partaking in the Second Style Island gift release, and my pressie ( for boys and girls) will be available on 01 April…yes, April Fool’s Day. Say no more.
All my shapes still follow my principle of curves, curves and more curves, and are all copy and modify, but NOT transfer. I have done transfer releases in the past and I’m open to doing that again, but not at the moment. My main store will also feature a shape of the week, in a big frame as you walk in..and for Easter I’m going to be releasing a shape called ‘Bunneh’ for L$30 ( She’s not there yet, patience!) Last but not least, make sure you join my subscribo’s at my locations for random shape gifts and updates. You’ve got to be in it to win it! So, watch this space for the official opening date for my Nu Republik location. Kittylicious Second Style is open already, and Kittylicious Malt will close down in a fortnight when my rental expires.
Change is a scary thing but I’m hoping these steps will lead to a bright future for Kittylicious shapes, and I look forward to kitty-ing you out with the best shapes on the grid!

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