LOTD: Kitty O’Ghoul Ahoy!


Halloween is fast approaching, like you needed me to point that out, so be sure to check out the Destinations Guide to keep on top of all the spooktacular goings on that are all the rage in-world at the moment.  It’s bursting with legions of them. And zombies, obviously.
In fact, Second Life is pretty much in full on excitement mode in every single way now right on through to New Year.  Halloween sets the spark alight and leads us into Thanksgiving and then onwards to Christmas and the New Year without really taking a breath, and as it does so the grid comes alive with all sorts of amazing content.It’s a good time to be an avatar, so I’m going to be sharing Halloween inspired looks and stuff and things with you through the rest of the month and also pay heed to some of the amazing events that are afoot. The majority of which I can’t get into (unsurprising when you consider that THE EPIPHANY made a whopping THREE MILLION LINDENS in their first day, I shit you not!) So I’ve been settling for other events while I wear out my ‘Get Me In’ Hud (other HUDS are available) THE COSMOPOLITAN SALES ROOM then was my first port of call for a mooch around. 
Occasionally I’ll visit and find the odd thing that is very relevant to my needs, and this time I found an absolutely corking wee number to dance around my skybox in! It’s the ‘Oriental Nights’ bodysuit from a brand called MILK TEA, and is multi- applier compatible and available in six smashing colour options. So of course, I opted for black.
It works really well; perfect for lounging around in but equally easy to dress up and dare I say it, even make a tad edgy.  To do that I added the amazing ‘Bastet’ Jacket by PIXICAT from the last round of THE ARCADE.  I also added some seriously gruesome eyes from IKON, a favourite BURLEY hairstyle and my N-CORE ‘Alexandra’ boots.  To finish I added the ever amazing ‘Steking Series 5’ ears by MANDALA, and there you have it, Kitty O’Ghoul at your service! MWAHAHAHAH!Evil cackles ahoy!

Kitty wears:

BODY: Maitreya ‘Lara’ V3.4

SKIN: Glam Affair ‘Katra’ Polar (NB)

EYES: IKON  ‘Deadshine Eyes’ in Nightshade

LASHES: Hush ‘Flirt’

LIPS: PXL ‘Sweet Lips’ V.1  (worn with ‘ADORED‘ Cherry Bomb lips + liner)

EARS: Mandala ‘Steking’ Series 5 (Pixie)

HAIR: Burley ‘Octavia’ (Dips)

BODYSUIT: Milk Tea ‘Oriental Nights’ Bodysuit (Maitreya) Black THE COSMOPOLITAN SALES ROOM

JACKET  Pixicat ‘Bastet’ Red (M) (You’ll have to search the yardsales for one!)

Roll up, Roll up for the Zombie Popcorn Carnival!

From June 15th-June 30th you can indulge yourself into the surreal madness that is all things Zombie popcorn at this fantastic carnival. The build is astonishing; lots of rides and plenty of photo opportunities, not to mention the fantastic array of vendors! Check out http://zombiepopcornsl.com/ for the details, and be sure to bring lindens. And face wipes, popcorn and candy floss get sticky….
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Handverk for Stumblebum

Of course, Stumblebum isn’t just about fashionable clothes, it’s about fashionable furniture too. This is the ‘Serene Seafoam Kelp Chair Set’ which features mesh goodness in the shape of chair, table and rug. The chair has 20 single and 5 couple poses, and it’s a very nice, stylish but (imho) expensive selection at L$319.
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Sweetness is my weakness; DCNY for Stumblebum

If you’re looking for pretty and girly fashion then DCNY has just the dress this Stumblebum weekend! Called ‘Sweetness’ each one features a delicate pattern and full skirt. L$113 each, in all colours of the Stumblebum palette. (If upi’re getting hitched in Sl here’s a thought, these would make awesome bridesmaid outfits, don’t you think?)
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Whippet & Buck’s Stumblebum bikini…

..is very special indeed. Called ‘Mind Like Water’; there are five colours to choose from (all of the palette this time round) and each one features stitch detailing upon cup and crotch ( I said like water, not filth!) as well as a lovely shaping especially upon the bra. I think these are really beautiful, and they’re a steal at L$45 apiece! Which one to get?? Choose from blue, brown, cloudy, nude or turquoise.
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It’s Stumblebum time again! My Macrame Suit @ ‘Blah’

First we had FLF, now we have the bi-weekly that is Stumblebum. The designers are each provided a colour palette to choose from; this time it’s a cool palette combining some muted hues of cream, blue and yellow. Blah has selected three colours to feature upon this lovely macrame suit. This would look well under a number of things (try the blazers from Nyte and Day, totally unrelated but they have a 25% off sale this weekend!!) or worn alone. L$120 per colour; choose from nude, angelic or juicy.
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A Fennux Family

Loving the markings on these guys..I have a feeling these are going to be popular when released!
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Shall we dance?

One of the interesting points about the Fennux is that they can duel with each other. I love the models that have been used to create these critters:)
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Kitty meets the Fennux

So I’m guessing that the breedable model is still popular, seeing as there’s another entry due to be launched onto the grid imminently! These are Fennux. Obviously they’re relatives of the Fennec Fox.  I think they look great, and it will be interesting to see what makes them stand out from their competitors. There’s a very informative website too.  In the meantime if you’re interested in checking them out why not come along to the Fennux region via the link below?
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Kittycats: Tiger, tiger, burning bright!

I hinted at these in my earlier Kittycats post, so thought I’d take a quick snap to share with you all. These are the Kittycats ‘Le Tigre Bengal’, and they’re sodding amazing aren’t they? They’re available in a variety of sizes: BUT can only be purchased by Kittydollars, which you get from relinquishing kittens to the menagerie. ( You can buy them privately of course, but why would you want to part with one of these?) The system is intended to  keep them nice and exclusive and I hope it succeeds.Aren’t they glorious? A normal kitty is 10K$, a toy is 12K$ and a teacup is also 12K$. Seeing as I only have 600K$ in my savings the chances of me getting one are slim to none, but aren’t they precious?
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Shopping With Kitty: Jane

I’m trying to avoid feeding my Janie Marlowe addiction at all costs, but of course I had to pop in and take a peek while I was nearby. Big mistake. I immediately fell in love with these beguiling ‘Happy Bows’ mesh tops, a real steal at L$175 each and so totally pretty. And now I’m leaving VERY quickly before I spot anything else!
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Shopping With Kitty – Cold Logic

..have done it again. They’re released a lovely range of late Spring/Summer dresses and for me these are the pick of the bunch. The creasing is just amazing; it looks so real, and the drape of the dress is perfect. The colour choices are  muted and sublime, making them easy to wear and perfect for a myriad of occasions. Finally the blossom motif is understated yet elegant.L$350 each (a bit pricey but well worth the investment) or L$900 for the fat pack.
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Shopping with Kitty – Apple May Designs

I often gauge items in SL by whether I’d wear them in RL or not. Daft I know but it’s part of the fun. These maxi dresses would definitely make my RL wearable list, they’re just beautiful. I love the pattern and colours; the design on the far right, ‘Autumn’ is especially beautiful. L$275 each or L$825 for a fat pack. Awesomeness:)
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Shopping with Kitty – Apple May Designs

I’ve not been to Apple May Designs for a while, so I thought I’d poddle along and check out their mesh items, which I’ve heard are rather nice. And that they are; I’m loving these ‘Panda Express’ tank dresses and slogan graphic tanks. They also win bonus points for having demos, always a must- have when it comes to mesh. I love the image choices and the tees are a very good L$100 each. The panda frocks are a tad more expensive at L$225, but will look great with leggings, heels, boots..scarves..you name it!
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Help save Shadow the sick kitty!

Toast Bard has created this unique artwork to help save Shadow, an 11 year old black cat suffering from renal failure, who belongs to Katharine McGinnis owner of ‘Intrigue.’ (Katharine made the awesome cat frock I featured a few posts back:) All proceeds from sale of this print will go towards vet bills; and let’s face it, L$88 isn’t going to break the bank is it? (So I insist, dear readers, that you flock to Collabor88 and purchase said print, even if it’s not your style and you won’t hang it anywhere.) Think of the kitty:) You can read more about Shadow HERE
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The award for best item at Collabor88 goes to….

Cheeky Pea For L$188 you can own this astonishingly detailed ‘Crosswinds Gazebo Stage’ featuring 5 performance animations (guitar, stool, book, microphone) and a custom lighting system. It’s an absolute gift and if you own land it’s an essential purchase, imagine the parties!! I’m gobsmacked by the quality for the price. Run, don’t walk to get your mitts one one of these!
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‘Bardot’ & ‘Babette’ by Clawtooth

These beautiful hairstyles by Clawtooth are a must-have, seriously. I want my hair like this in real life; volume at the crown and draped over my shoulders wearing my best come hither glance.. anyway, each style is a bloody steal at L$188 for a five colour pack. ‘Bardot’ is more formal, ‘Babette’ features gentle fly-aways across the face. Stunning.
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Colour blocking at Collabor88

Many items look like they should have featured in the Colour Blocking Fair! The romper suit trend is continued by Boom, to the right of the picture, and Schadenfreude have some great modern art inspired shifts, but being a Kitty I couldn’t resist Intrigue’s ‘Cat’s Meow’ frock, a steal at L$88
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Time to Collabor88!

Collabor88 has started again and it’s featuring some utterly amazing finds. My first selection to share with you is this stunning tumbled stone jewellery from Earthstones, a store which always delivers when it comes to adornments. Every single stone chip is stupendously textured and would compliment any outfit; looking especially good with your beachwear. My personal favourite is ‘Nature Walk’; a selection featuring muted hues of red, blue and green.( I think there’s some moss agate in there, not sure what the other gemstones are)Each set is a measley L$188..bingo, bango bargainalicious!

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Totally tempted by Tentacio!

I AM LOVING these awesome sweaters, rompers and jeans from Tentacio! All of them are mesh and each one is beautifully textured. the jeans are a must have- at just L$100 you’d be crazy not to invest in a pair. The detail on the sweaters is totally worth zooming in for; I love the choice of designs but was totally transfixed by the paisley elephant motif. The far wall features some amazing cat-suits, and there’s an awesome gift in store too. Don’t miss this!
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Extreme colour blocking at the ‘Anymore’ store

Now THIS is colour, vibrant hues on the baggiest of pants but also boots and must-have trainers. Great styling and great prices too: the trainers and boots are just L$190 a pair!
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‘The Cape’ Trouser by Lethal

I love the cut of these trousers;featuring a very unusual high waist with an exaggerated fit and great belt detail. They’re not cheap, at L$290 a pop, but certainly a talking point!
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Gorgeous separates and dresses at Avale

I’m really impressed by the range of separates on show here at the Avale display; I especially like the ‘Diva’ knotted tops, and the ‘Fifth Avenue’ dresses. Don’t miss the cut-out leggings as well as the candy-coloured frocks on the opposite wall if you like your fashion sticky and sweet!
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Censored totally shouldn’t be!

LOVING these ‘Kyar’ Jeans by censored; fantastic lace detail and bow plus low cut and pube-snagging zip to the front make them essential clubwear. with character:) At L$137 a pop they’re not bad value either!
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Cat print and Colour at Indyra Originals

Indyra Originals has taken cat print to another level with this astonishing body-con mesh dress. Cut to show all the curves, I love the colour splashes which bring this classic style bang up to date. Teamed with the pumps and jewellery on sale in store and you’re all set…purrfect! (Note, the gloves are free in store too)
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Essencial shows how it’s done

ESSENCIAL have a fantastic store at the color blocking event, not only can you find shapes and skins that perfectly meet the brief, but some great dresses and pants. The skull mesh dress in vibrant pink looks fabulous and there’s also a fantastic psychadelic long neck tie dress, ‘Carnival’ at a staggeringly cheap L$75! (In fact, all the clothing items in store are at that fantastic price:) As Darth Vader once said, “Impressive, most impressive”
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Colour Blocking Frenzy!

I’m LOVING these spangly outrageous jumpers at the Colour Blocking Fair 2012. These are by SHINE, they’re mesh and cost L$210 each. Fatpacks are also available..I think they’re awesome. Check out the luscious skins in store too!
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Mesh marvellousness at Cold Logic.

It’s a long time since I’ve been in a store that’s excited me as much as this one has. (OK, all of five minutes but you get the point!)

Cold Logic is a women’s mesh store featuring designs by a veritable Second Life Dream team of Damien Fate, Janie Marlowe and Zyrra Falcone. The store features nothing but the finest in mesh designs, and oh my gods this is a game changer. Seriously, the clothing is stunning.

Essential tops, jumpers, skirts, trousers, dresses and coats; all beautifully designed and featuring stunning colour combinations. It’s mouthwatering mesh fashion at its finest..

This is the ‘Quantum’ dress. Bold colours, striking design and classic styling make this an essential addition to the virtual fashionista’s wardrobe..and it’s a steal at L$350 (fatpack featuring four dresses just L$900)

Plus if you hit the subscribo you get a lovely freebie frock for your trouble!
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The spiffing ‘Emily’ dress @ Jane

I love Jane; I won’t deny it. No point, I bloody love the designs, they’re so wearable and just the right price. I love the way that this store has used mesh to create great, wearable fashion and I do consider it to be one of the front-runners in this still somewhat bemusing area. (I don’t ‘get’ mesh, my head just can’t fathom it out!)

I’ve just dropped by for a bijou nosette and discovered ‘Emily’. I often pop by, but haven’t lingered in a while, and this is a very pleasant surprise.

At first I thought ‘Emily’ was a mesh trouser suit, but it’s actually a mesh frock, and it’s frocking marvellous, with LOTS of possibilities for dress up/down happy!

It’s just L$250 per frock in prints or plain (greedy packs are available featuring three print of plain at a great price, L$495) but because it’s mesh make sure you try a demo!  (It’s a bugger if it doesn’t fit!)

Here’s a thought- if you’re getting wed in world howzabout investing in these as bridesmaids dresses?  The mahogany shade (far left-looks more of a blush to my old eyes) would work VERY well if you ask me…
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La Mexicana Bed at Zinnias

Last but not least, the stunning ‘La Mexicana’ bed. I’ve really enjoyed my visit to this store’; there’s plenty for you to come and see and enjoy that I haven’t featured, including some great dressers’ a lovely bench and chimnea and some Frida Kahlo inspired drawers which are part of the ‘Fall In Love With Prims’ hunt. Come along and enjoy the Mexican flavour! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Michigan%20Bay/109/161/25
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Zinnias’ Buffalo Hide Couples Sofa

I love this sofa. Not only do I love the textures that have been applied, but I love the positioning of the cushions that has been done with consideration and just adds that extra bit of authenticity to the piece. I love the rug, chest and the rug and artwork that compliment this piece too..and again everything is brilliantly priced. The sofa is L$299 , 6 prims and not only features 8 solo and 4 couples animations, but it also rezzes coffee and facial expressions! (I’m blown-away by the effort that has been put into the furniture in this store:)
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The Blossom Bed at Zinnias

How’s this for a fantasy bed? This would look as amazing in the centre of a secluded forest as it would in a bedroom! It’s beautifully draped and decorated and I love the way the trees are used to make a canopy. Even better, this includes four thirty second female and male animations, plus a special cuddle sequence for couples. There are also props including a guitar, book and cushions as well as some extra blossoms for the floor and a wall stencil. This would have been *perfect* for Valentine’s Day, so why not treat yourself and have a double celebration? After all, this is just L$299! I KNOW RIGHT?!
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La Gatineau Bed @ Zinnias

This is so delicious! This beautifully designed bed is just 9 prims. It features 4 single and 5 couples animations and would make a fantastic centrepiece in your bedroom. It can be yours for just L$250, and there are some great complimentary pieces to be found in store..

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Zinnias Spicy Enchantments

Have really got me drooling for more. I’ve just popped by The Cookie Jar House & Garden Village in Michigan Bay and I’m in love with this store. The vibrancy of the colours and the styling is just fantastic. Let’s take a look inside…
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Bargains Galore on Tatty Soup’s third floor!

Don’t miss this guys! Once you’ve had a good nosey downstairs, hit the third floor for LOADS of furniture and hardware bargains, including sofas, chairs, screens, tables, planters..you name it, all for just L$10 or L$20!

There’s also a MASSIVE freebie box waiting for you downstairs…Totally fab, very generous and another reason that this store is so cool!
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Great textures at Tatty Soup…

Fabulous textures and vibrant shades with elements of shabby chic are the deal here at Tatty Soup. You’ll find three floors of bargains, and could easily kit out your home beautifully for not very much Linden at all! This couch is just L$100 for example and it looks great against the orange rug against the white-washed wooden floor. This is a store to visit for inspiration; you’ll come away with LOTS of ideas about how you can model the interior of your home.  There are great prints, lovely shelving units, a fantastic variety of plants (and even a potting shed!) as well as chairs, sofas, lamps…the list goes on. But wait; there’s even more!
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Mix ‘n’ match happy at Tatty Soup

See what I mean about eclectic? I’m loving this giraffe print sofa and chair, which looks great against the purple rug and tiled table. It *shouldn’t* work, yet it does, and that’s where the magic lies.  If you’re a great designer you can pull off mixing patterns and textures like these without any drama. It’s also a look that’s easy to replicate in your own home; but exercise caution.  Lindens don’t come cheap. Make sure that this kind of styling will suit your home to a ‘T’ before you splash out; it works best in contemporary styled builds BUT also looks great in more traditional wooden abodes. Always take your cue from the store display and if you’re not sure what would work best in your home, why not ask the designer to offer advice and styling tips?

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Tatty Soup ain’t so tatty!

If you’ve never been to Tatty Soup then I implore you to visit. I’m totally enchanted by the place; it sells a wide range of furnishings, knick-knacks and decoration for your home, all with a zesty, funky edge.

It’s bright, colourful and full of beautifully textured treasures that will really make your virtual home your own. They’ve set up in a temp store while they establish their own sim (exciting!) so until then let me share a few funky wares with you that you’ll find in store and want to have in your house for sure….
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The Paradise Bed @ Tatty Soup

Oh this is just made of win isn’t it?  I love beautiful beds and bedding in-world, and I totally love the fruity and vibrant colours on display here that create a great bedroom. I love the textures that have been applied here, and the curtains and bedside table accessories make a lovely touch. It’s just totally yumsome, as are the prices: the bed is L$350, the curtains are L$50, the bedside tables are L$60 each, the plant in the corner is L$40, the fantastic goldfish frame ( A must have!) is just L$40 and the rug is just L$20. Totally eclectic styling at fabulous prices..what’s not to love?
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Final post from Firefly; Piri Bedroom

More orange and green, and I’d love to go to sleep in a bedroom like this. I love the detailing; the daisy shade and toadstool lamp, the great breakfast tray atop the quilt replete with coffee and a newspaper. Little touches like the alarm clock, box of tissues and..erm..book on Sex on the nightstand add a touch of realism to the ambiance! (Interesting juxtaposition against the book on Socialism on the bookshelf over the bedhead..ahem!)

I’ve so enjoyed my visit here, click to visit Firefly


Who takes a dump in a toilet like this?

Well you could…isn’t it nice? I love the fact there’s a loo roll stack and a loo brush next to the toilet:) Bathrooms are either really great or really naff in Second Life; I’m happy to say that this fits into the former category.
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Isn’t this gorgeous?

I’m loving the green, orange and patchwork ensemble carefully crafted here by Leyla. To be honest Green and Orange aren’t colours I’m especially fond of, but she’s created this room treatment with confidence and it works really well. Around the corner you’ll find a lovely dining kitchen and links to Leyla’s SL Market Store where you can buy even more items..
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Body Chemistry + Tweedled Ink

Completing the range of stores on the sim is Body Chemistry and Tweedled Ink. If you like eyes and lashes and face tattoos then you’ll be wanting to check out the former. The latter sells a range (small at the moment, I’m sure it will be expanded later) of full body tattoos. This is a great range of stores on one beautifully constructed sim; all in all it’s definitely worthy of a visit!
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Lucy & Lee

I didn’t know that Leyla made and sold clothes; perhaps it’s a new venture for her? If so, It’s most certainly a worthy one-I LOVED this store ‘Lucy & Lee’, offering fresh and funky streetwear at really good prices. There’s a great pair of sweat pants that can be worn short or long at L$120, and some very nifty Chucks that feature various embellishments and jazzy colours at $L150 a pair. If you like cute, L$90 will get you an Amme girl necklace. Oh, and bonus points for the fact that this store has a changing room!!
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More Firefly Launch Excitement!

Next to Lindo’s you’ll find ‘Stuff in a Box’ which looks promising, and seems to be offering a variety of fantasy themed skyboxes, called ‘Blissboxes’. These are a real treat, and are sure to be a winner around Valentines Day, I took a sneaky peak and was amazed to see that there’s even an Orient Express themed adventure replete with 1920’s carriage, soundeffects, three course dinner..the works! Also make sure you take a wander around the back of the stores; I discovered a beautiful potting shed, allottment and garden. So pretty!
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Leyla Firefly Grand Opening

The shops are built around a main square that’s focused upon a Spring-theme and of course everything is built to the same high standard that Leyla established as her own in her previous store. The main self-titled store features a cut down range of furnishings, some of which were featured in ‘Belle Belle’ and I spotted some old favourites (Guapos Kitchen) as well as some quality new additions too…
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Chips @ Lindos!

Sadly, ‘Belle Belle’ has gone, but that doesn’t mean that Leyla Firefly, the core designer,  has. She’s back with a lovely new place called, guess what..’Firefly’ and I decided to take a trip over to see it. First of all, I needed sustenance. And Firefly has a chippy! Woot!
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The Witch Hunt @ Fucifino

L$10 doesn’t get you much these days, BUT if you participate in ‘The Witch Hunt’, which runs until September 30th, you’ll get yourself some rather fabulous stuff indeed. Fashion, jewellery, poses and homewares are just some of the splendid offerings in store should you take part. You’re looking for a wee witches hat, which you but for ten lindens to get at the goodies. It’s well worth it..this glorious ‘Autumn Accessories Pack’ is the hunt prize at Fucifino. There are also some complimentary pieces available to buy instore as well sold individually or as part of a set. For more ‘Witch Hunt’ details check out: http://primclutter.com/the-witch-hunt-2011- the-list/
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Humphrey Loves Pumpkins!

..and every home therefore needs a Humphrey, especially when you consider he’s just L$10! Isn’t he gorgeous? In fact, I’ve just spent a wonderful twenty minutes enjoying some of Kat Alderson’s amazing wares at her fabulous ‘Clutter’ store. The home range is now really extensive and features some beautiful pieces with a wide variety of influences, not only that but there’s ‘The Witch Hunt’ taking place too until September 30th which is well worth a look! Details available at the store..you can check them out when you come to collect Humphrey ;P
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Get set for Mabon @ Lisp Bazaar

Mabon is just a few days away, and a wonderful addition to your Autumnal home-decorating is this gorgeous set from LISP BAZAAR, at just L$100. I love the baskets of gourds and pumpkins, and the wreath and leaves add a lovely touch. Celebrate the Equinox in style; get over to Lisp Bazaar and treat yourself!
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