Kitty’s jinxed..but in a VERY SUPER HAPPY GOOD way…

Kitty’s jinxed..but in a VERY SUPER HAPPY GOOD way…

Sometimes I just don’t have enough words in my vocabulary to describe the sheer awesome of a particular virtual item, and today is one of those days. Apologies for not posting recently, but I’m back with a post featuring an outfit of such quality and complexity that I may not ever be able to blog anything ever again, as nothing else will compare.
(Ok, that may be a *bit* of a bijou fibette, but I’m just gearing you up for the wonders that are to follow…)

First of all, time for me to confess. I’ve never really been a big fan of clumping great big boots and cyber gear. As regular readers will know it’s just not not really my style, and when I have seen it worn by others it’s never looked quite right to me. I dunno, perhaps you have to be of a particular mindset to find it attractive. Given a choice between a slinky dress and a pair of mind-fuck boots I’m pretty sure you can guess what Kitty would pick.

But not any more. I have seen the error of my ways,and the light is blinding me..

Feast your eyes upon this outfit. It’s the work of a creative genius called Jinx Spiritweaver. Get accustomed to that name, because her profile is about to go stratospheric. She’s just begun retailing her wares at a store called ‘Rublik‘, which is intended to feature cyber club and street-wear by a collective of super-talented artists. Jinx has certainly started the ball-rolling with her futuristic vision and the promise of many more amazing items yet to come, but so far she has contributed this outfit (available as separate pieces) as well as another style of boots which are just as mind-blowing to the store..(I’ll tell you about those boots some other time when I’ve calmed down a little!)
The outfit itself is named after the store, and consists of strap ‘stompers’ ( a better name for boots there has never been, because that’s exactly what you want to do in these!) arm-warmers, corset, scarf and there’s also a gas-mask which I’m not sporting because that would deprive you of viewing my rather pretty mush. So why is this outfit so darn praiseworthy? First up, the texture and detailing on this is so good and so well accomplished that it almost makes me want to weep. I’m serious! When you zoom in upon something for the first time and see the love that has gone into crafting that item doesn’t it provoke an emotional reaction in you? It certainly does me! When someone creates an item in-world with care it truly shows, and in this case you can see that hours have been spent tweaking bits this way and that to make everything just perfect.
Secondly, the details. I *LOVE* the strange ‘aerials'( I dunno what else to call them) that protrude from the elbows on this piece, giving it a strange, other-worldly feel as they glow. I love the way that when you lift your arms you see flashes of light stream across the polished surface of the arm-warmers. I love the way that the
corset gleams and accentuates every curve, yet is solid and constructed to be darn unbreakable, as symbolised by
the wee padlock on the front. It harkens back to the female robot in Metropolis a tad. But nothing prepares you for the colossal ferocity and sheer enormity of the boots..(Click for bigger view)

In a lesser individual’s hands this kind of footwear would verge upon the absolutely ridiculous. Jinx has made it seem so realistic and so vital that you don’t even question the construction; instead you just bask in the glory of these audacious boots. NOTHING is skimped upon. Every detail and every curve is lovingly textured to provide a
sense of realism and depth that you just don’t get from other boots of this ilk. They are a sheer delight to behold..they’re art people! They’re also made with a sense of humour too..I love the wiring and the fact that these mechanical monstrosities have a grill at the toe. Let’s face it, after a day spent stomping around the grid in these
clangers your feet would hum!
These boots are made for moon-walking, but not in the Michael Jackson sense, in the ‘I’m actually walking across the surface of a planet’ sense. I can so imagine clomping across the skin of an alien world in these babies..and therein lies the key to this whole outfit. Even though it is a remarkable work of fiction, it has the tip of it’s baby toe dipped into the water of reality,which is just enough to make it feel authentic, and that’s why I love it so much. As a virtual character you can only go so far, but when I am wearing this outfit in-world I can imagine that these boots make you feel totally invincible and want to STOMP everywhere in them.
Kudos to Jinx, these blinding boots are amazing to watch in operation. I promise you that despite their size the movement is fluid and captured so effortlessly that you won’t give them a second thought! Look, I know I have a tendency to waffle on sometimes, my bad, BUT prove to me these boots, in fact this whole darn outfit isn’t as good as I’ve made it out to be and I will happily eat my words. But fact of the matter is if you even attempt that you’ll achieve an epic fail of such proportions that it will make ‘Star Wars Episode One’ seem positively Oscar-worthy by comparison.

A final note then, after this effusive (but completely deserved) praise. The photos that I have included in this review really don’t do the pieces justice at all. You can sort of manage on a standard clothing review but on anoutfit of such complexity,well it’s practically machinery after all, I insist that you simply HAVE to see it in-world. If you’re in any way inclined towards this kind of thing all I can say to you is stick your fingers in your pocket and pull out your Linden dollars and go and try these babies on for size..and if they aren’t your kind of thing at all, then you need to do it even more. Why? Because you will NEVER get as much satisfaction, sheer fun or admiring glancesfrom anything else that you have worn now or since. I’ve only had this on a few hours and I’ve had so many people telling me how amazing it looks that I’m having trouble teleporting due to the size of my head.

Go and check out Jinx’s work; you can do this via her X-Street listings, but also by visiting Rublik in world.

Stick your neck out, live a little and invest in her amazing virtual creations, and then go and explore an environment that you have never appreciated before. Go to a club (There’s one across the road from Rublik, funny that!) or a cyber-styled RP area or just find somewhere that you can walk around and be admired. You will turn
every virtual head that you pass..can you imagine if you were a newbie who had just rezzed in world for the first
time and you saw a girl in this outfit? EXACTLY.

Jinx, you’re a genius. ‘Nuff said.

Kitty wears:

Skin by Laq -‘Trisha’ 03 ( Fair) Glowskin + hairbase

Shape by Kittylicious ‘Jinx’ ( Styled especially for this skin/outfit combo and will be on sale VERY soon!)

Hair by Laq– HB #08 ( Can only be worn with a hairbase)

Outfit: Rublik ‘Cyber Rave‘   Nine ( at the time of writing) special editions of this are available on Xstreet for a special price…..

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