An Awesome Legacy….

An Awesome Legacy….

Yet again, Jinx Spiritweaver has created something so amazingly “WOW!”  that I struggle to find the words to properly describe it. But, I shall try, because by not sharing this fabulousness with you I would be committing a pretty heinous crime.

Let’s backtrack a little. I have blogged Jinx before; she creates amazing cyberwear and I was nothing short of amazed the last time I reviewed her productions. But, if it’s even possible, she’s excelled herself yet again with this ‘Legacy’ cyber/clubwear set. It’s so named due to the spectacular neon lighting effects that adorn the elements of this outfit, lighting that is heavily reminiscent of ‘Tron’ the sequel to which is called ‘Legacy’. Get it? Jinx couldn’t have come up with a more appropriate name had she tried, but this outfit is so much more than a homage to a yet-to-be released movie.

First up it’s constructed just beautifully..the heavy gloves look as though they would weigh an absolute ton and pack an enormous punch. There are  all sorts of dangly details on here too: wires, sticky outy bits (all technical terms those, natch) and each and every one  beautifully made and rendered with care by Jinx.

The textures throughout are just perfectly chosen, with the right kind of shiny on the gloves and a great choice of fabric upon the pants. The neon strip that decorates the outfit is colour change and it looks fabulous in a dark club.I know because I wore my set out clubbing last night and boy did I feel super-ossum! This is seriously heavyweight Second Life club-wear, but it’s even more than just that, it lends itself perfectly to roleplay, especially when you factor in the helmet (not pictured) and it fits like a dream.

I tried this on with two different shapes and I didn’t need to make any size adjustments at all. There is a version of Legacy available for the guys and it looks just as breathtaking as the female version, but honestly when you see an outfit like this on a male or female avi it just takes your breath away. This is what Second Life is all about; creativity that goes above and beyond the expected, and for that, Jinx Spiritweaver I salute you.

‘Legacy’ is available to purchase as either separates or a full outfit at ‘Rublik’ on the NuRepublik sim.

Kitty readers, let me make a suggestion here, if you’re going to any 4th of July events in-world this weekend and really want to make an entrance, THIS is the outfit to do it in.

Imagine, a dark sim, lit by fireworks and you’re wearing this? I think you’re getting my drift. Do it, and leave a legacy of your own behind.

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