HUGE Kittylicious Shapes Sale!

HUGE Kittylicious Shapes Sale!

Well, the summer may be in full swing but it’s time to look to the future, so with that in mind I’m holding an utterly mahoosive shapes sale at both my main store on NuRepublik, and my satellite store on Second Style.

Both stores hold different stock so if you’re looking for fabulous shapes then you’d be wise to pay both a visit, but the store at NuRepublik also caters to the chaps.

Of course the best news is that the shapes are reduced to prices so low that it’s practically criminal! Shapes are either L$25 or L$10..and that’s it. No hidden extras, just bargain prices for superb quality shapes.

I’m already working on the new collection, and I’m already really pleased with the yummy shapes I’ve made so far.

Make sure you join my subscribo to be kept up to date, and there will be a wee gifty in the very near future too!

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