Midnight Mania @ Kittylicious!

Did I tell you that I’ve installed both a MIDNIGHT MANIA and LUCKY LETTER prize board at my NuRepublik location? I didn’t? Oh dear…OK then, guess what? I’ve installed a..yeah yeah…

The good news is I’ve set the Midnight Mania board to a rather silly low number: 25. I’ve just popped over to check on the store and the board requires just ten more punters before midnight for the prize to be won!

The prize is ‘Kittylicious. ‘E” which retails at L$150. I *love* this shape, and your prize includes a ‘Get The Look!’ card. The face (when worn with this skin) has a smidgen of Kim Kardashian to it if you ask me; that’s not deliberate by any means, but I often find that after creating a shape it reminds me of someone in the public eye.

The Lucky Letter board has a prize for the boys in it, at the time of writing the letter is ‘C’,and the reward is my ‘Butch’ shape. A corker for the man in your life:)

Why not drop by and try your luck? You’ve got to be in it to win it!

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