Humpingly Good Hump Day Happy!

Humpingly Good Hump Day Happy!

See this skin? Yes, this one? ( Kitty jumps up and down pointing excitedly) It’s called ‘Blood Lust’ and costs L$69 TODAY ONLY!

Isn’t it astonishingly pretty? It’s a veritable banquet on a stick of skin-happy, and it’s a treat from Mango Mango. The skin is only available in the pale tone but comes with both freckled and unfreckled versions plus a bonus lighter version of the makeups too. The eyeshadow is just so darn pretty and the lips are simply’s a head turner to be sure.

In this picture I’ve teamed it with today’s bargain from my Kittylicious store at NuRepublik, my ‘Kittylicious-Wednesday’ shape which costs just L$50 today only!
(Note, I’ve left ‘Kittylicious-Tuesday’ on sale at L$50 too because I was a bit late putting it out yesterday..oopsy!) and I’m wearing hair from the inventory library (I love this style!) which is obviously free…

So let’s recap: Skin L$69+Shape L$50+Hair L$0= L$119= BARGAIN!

I’ve accessorised with facial jewellery from HOD, everyday lashes from STELLAR pearls from DECO and the most sublime negligee which I bought from AQUA which is just across the way from Mango Mango and sells amazing clothing at stupidly good prices…please go and check them out!

So there you have elegant addition to your skin and shape collection for very little dosh.You’re still reading this aren’t you? Bugger off and buy it before it’s gone!

( The shape is upstairs in my sure to slap the Midnight Mania board while you’re there!)

“Nom Nom NOM!”

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