Feelin’ Blue..

Feelin’ Blue..

..and purple, and yellow, and all colours of the bruised rainbow inbetween!
Thank you for the messages of support that I have read from the comfort of my bed via my netbook, they’re truly appreciated.

I have managed to keep on top of in-world events, which I’ll address in another post, but for now I just wanted to share a bijou lookette with you featuring one of TRUTH’s weekly hair releases.
I haven’t gone for the ‘bacon’ hair this week, but I have fallen for this gorgeous style called ‘Iris‘, which features an optional beaded tie on one braid. The beads are colour change which allows for mixy-matchy happy with your outfits. Braids are so simple yet so sweet to wear, and this colour change feature makes all the difference and really poshes up the braids a tad. I wish I could get my braids to look like this in real life! Incidentally TRUTH has changed the styling of his blog. I heartily suggest that you go and check it out, and I note that there is a forum feature on there now. I wonder if that will allow us to post pictures of our favourite styles along with pleas for him to create them in-world? Fingers crossed!
As well as the new hairstyle I’m wearing a rather nice flannel dress that I found on XStreet which cost all of L$99. Shock horror! It’s a featured marketplace item from TART replete with mod prims, as well as two skirt options (with or without belt). It’s called ‘Dylan’ and it’s an absolute bargain for the dosh, plus it looks great worn with leggings and flats or heels or boots. Versatile wearing at a super-low price. I love checking out the marketplace items and I’m really chuffed to have made such a great find.
I’m also sporting a rosary from HOD which is my favourite place for piercings in-world. I love the little skull prim on this and it adds an edge to any outfit, and HOD’s collection is very well made if you’re on the look out for something unusual to wear.
Finally the skin is ‘Aline’ by LAQ which is my current favourite. I love the shading on this so much, I know I’ve waxed lyrical about it before so I won’t bore you with the details again, but it is a real treat to wear. I’ve teamed it with ‘Litha’, which is my current shape release and even if I say so myself I think it looks perfect with this skin. Of course the shape is a bargain at L$100 to boot!
It’s reassuring to know that while I recover I look good in at least one of my lives:)

Humpingly Good Hump Day Happy!

Humpingly Good Hump Day Happy!

See this skin? Yes, this one? ( Kitty jumps up and down pointing excitedly) It’s called ‘Blood Lust’ and costs L$69 TODAY ONLY!

Isn’t it astonishingly pretty? It’s a veritable banquet on a stick of skin-happy, and it’s a treat from Mango Mango. The skin is only available in the pale tone but comes with both freckled and unfreckled versions plus a bonus lighter version of the makeups too. The eyeshadow is just so darn pretty and the lips are simply lush..it’s a head turner to be sure.

In this picture I’ve teamed it with today’s bargain from my Kittylicious store at NuRepublik, my ‘Kittylicious-Wednesday’ shape which costs just L$50 today only!
(Note, I’ve left ‘Kittylicious-Tuesday’ on sale at L$50 too because I was a bit late putting it out yesterday..oopsy!) and I’m wearing hair from the inventory library (I love this style!) which is obviously free…

So let’s recap: Skin L$69+Shape L$50+Hair L$0= L$119= BARGAIN!

I’ve accessorised with facial jewellery from HOD, everyday lashes from STELLAR pearls from DECO and the most sublime negligee which I bought from AQUA which is just across the way from Mango Mango and sells amazing clothing at stupidly good prices…please go and check them out!

So there you have it..an elegant addition to your skin and shape collection for very little dosh.You’re still reading this aren’t you? Bugger off and buy it before it’s gone!

( The shape is upstairs in my store..be sure to slap the Midnight Mania board while you’re there!)

“Nom Nom NOM!”

Father, forgive me…

Father, forgive me…

..for being such a clothes-whore. I can’t help it!
Ok, enough with the pretensions of Catholicism, as you all know I’m most definitely *not* a Catholic, but I do have a deep respect for the religion despite their tendencies towards burning my kin at the stake and concealing the odd kiddy-fiddler. In fact, I love churches of all denominations; I don’t think there’s a more astounding symbol of dedication to your faith than a flying buttress or two. In real-life I enjoy exploring cathedrals and churches, and we’re fortunate enough in Second Life to have many fine examples of religious buildings to enjoy. In fact, I don’t think that there’s any major belief-system on the planet without representation in-world!
This is one of my favourite places of worship and I have mentioned it briefly before. It’s the Basilica Cardinale and is beautifully and lovingly created, and evokes the true feeling of being in a place of reverence and pontification. It is beautifully decorated and kitted out with everything you would expect to see in a Catholic church, with a High-Altar and many different pose balls to allow you to kneel and pray or even partake of confession in the wee booth tucked away in a dark corner..
Kneeling and praying is somewhat out of the question for me however, due to the outfit I’m sporting. It’s a one day only special from Khush, available at X-Street for the bargain price of L$99. I may look like a good little Italian-Catholic girl in this picture (that was the look I was after anyway) but I doubt I’d be allowed into any church wearing the latex pants that you can just see in the image below…ahem.

As I was putting this look together I happened across the latest LAQ skin release, and a picture was formed in my mind… By adding some ostentatious bangles, black nail-polish and a gorgeous necklace from HOD I’ve created a polished, street-wise look, perfect for the Italian-American girl gone very bad indeed.
Oh, and the shape is a bit of a stunner too, even if I say so myself.. but I’ll tell you all about that later. So here you have it, bargain outfit and a cracking way to wear it. Badda Bing, Badda Boom!

Kitty wears:

Skin –LAQ ‘Martina’ 10 Cocoa Glow Skin ( worn with cleavage enhancer, priced separately in-store)

Shape –Kittylicious ‘Pin-Up’, coming soon!

Eyes – Tragic Eyes, Ocean shine Large

Hair –LAQ HB Style #8

Outfit –Khush ‘Tush’ Outfit promo, L$99 TODAY ONLY!

Accessories-Necklace ‘The Path To Forgiveness’ by HOD

Bangles by Bauble

Nail Polish by Eye Candi