Father, forgive me…

Father, forgive me…

..for being such a clothes-whore. I can’t help it!
Ok, enough with the pretensions of Catholicism, as you all know I’m most definitely *not* a Catholic, but I do have a deep respect for the religion despite their tendencies towards burning my kin at the stake and concealing the odd kiddy-fiddler. In fact, I love churches of all denominations; I don’t think there’s a more astounding symbol of dedication to your faith than a flying buttress or two. In real-life I enjoy exploring cathedrals and churches, and we’re fortunate enough in Second Life to have many fine examples of religious buildings to enjoy. In fact, I don’t think that there’s any major belief-system on the planet without representation in-world!
This is one of my favourite places of worship and I have mentioned it briefly before. It’s the Basilica Cardinale and is beautifully and lovingly created, and evokes the true feeling of being in a place of reverence and pontification. It is beautifully decorated and kitted out with everything you would expect to see in a Catholic church, with a High-Altar and many different pose balls to allow you to kneel and pray or even partake of confession in the wee booth tucked away in a dark corner..
Kneeling and praying is somewhat out of the question for me however, due to the outfit I’m sporting. It’s a one day only special from Khush, available at X-Street for the bargain price of L$99. I may look like a good little Italian-Catholic girl in this picture (that was the look I was after anyway) but I doubt I’d be allowed into any church wearing the latex pants that you can just see in the image below…ahem.

As I was putting this look together I happened across the latest LAQ skin release, and a picture was formed in my mind… By adding some ostentatious bangles, black nail-polish and a gorgeous necklace from HOD I’ve created a polished, street-wise look, perfect for the Italian-American girl gone very bad indeed.
Oh, and the shape is a bit of a stunner too, even if I say so myself.. but I’ll tell you all about that later. So here you have it, bargain outfit and a cracking way to wear it. Badda Bing, Badda Boom!

Kitty wears:

Skin –LAQ ‘Martina’ 10 Cocoa Glow Skin ( worn with cleavage enhancer, priced separately in-store)

Shape –Kittylicious ‘Pin-Up’, coming soon!

Eyes – Tragic Eyes, Ocean shine Large

Hair –LAQ HB Style #8

Outfit –Khush ‘Tush’ Outfit promo, L$99 TODAY ONLY!

Accessories-Necklace ‘The Path To Forgiveness’ by HOD

Bangles by Bauble

Nail Polish by Eye Candi

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