Kitty’s back..kinda…

..sort of. I’ve had my surgery but I can’t sit properly still, which is a real pain in the butt. Literally. However, in the VERY short time I have been able to sit at my PC I’ve created a rather lovely shape for you at a steal of a price. This is ‘Tokyo Rose’, and she’s been created for you to wear specifically with Tuli’s latest skin, ‘Sayuri’. I’ve never really designed a shape with a specific skin in mind but ‘Sayuri’ is a thing of beauty, as are all of Tuli’s skins, and the make-ups that are available are a veritable treat to be sure. YOU MUST HAVE IT.

This is a fascinating skin actually, it has expert detailing, and I’m besotted by the detail on the you can see in this photograph it’s so perfect as to be real. If you’re a vampire and you’re reading this I have no doubt that your fangs are ready to go by now, it’s practically Vamp-porn. Another point to note in this photo is the hair. As you know I’m a huge fan of Truth, so I was delighted to discover that he’s created a range of styles that are freely available to all in the LIBRARY drop down in your inventory…you know, the bit that no one uses? I can count the amount of times I’ve used my library on one hand, so amazing additions to it such as a range of free, quality hairstyles by probably the most successful hair designer in-world today is something very special indeed.

Tokyo Rose is available at my Nu Republik location for the crazy price of L$45. Think Tom Cruise hopping up and down on a sofa crazy and you’re not even close, so you’d better go and get one. It may be cheap as chips, but it shows ‘Sayuri’ off something special, and besides you’ll need to be saving your pennies so you can buy the skins from Tuli, won’t ya?

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