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FAMESHED has started, and as usual it’s an absolute bugger to get in. However I *did* manage a nosey around earlier and as usual there are some cracking items on display, including hair, clothing, furniture and all of it is guaranteed to enhance your allure and make you even more windswept and interesting than ever, if such a thing is possible.

I only bought ONE item though, and that is this hair from EEP. I really, really love Eep hair. Ever since the brand launched it’s been a firm favourite of mine, and it seems to thrive on producing simple styles in great colours with no frills, fuss or palaver. Unbox it, stick it on your head and job done, you can’t ask for much else really can you?

I also found a really nice lace vest today at a store called CHEMISTRY that I have never frequented before, but I will be visiting again!  This mesh vest comes in a two pack featuring a black and white lace design, and it really fits in with my look at the moment, which is basically throw everything on that is in my inventory and see what sticks.

I am STILL wearing these frayed denim shorts that cost me just ONE LINDEN from the market place, but I care not a jot because they work amazingly well with my KHUSH tights (mo longer available alas)  They also reallu look good with my Kitten-face Mary Janes from FRI.DAY for LOVE DONNA FLORA. These are actually an in-world replica of a pair of shoes that I have been after in RL for ages. As usual, Second Life means I get them a lot cheaper, and quicker, than my reality.

Last but not least there are two more items in my look from LOVE DONNA FLORA. First up is my flair manicure, which I’m wearing in a very bright pink which is very unusual for me but it looks really funky against my collection of friendship bracelets.  I’m also sporting a necklace by CAE that you can only find at the LOVE DONNA FLORA  event. I’m really enamoured by CAE at the moment, the Catnip necklace that they created for Harlow Heslop’s ‘Avatars For Animals’ event  became an instant favourite of mine, and this elegant daisy design is just as delightful and perfect for jazzing up either a formal or casual outfit.

Finally, I was in dire need of a coffee and a sit down so found myself at the café at Scribbled Hearts, which is a very pretty little sim offering some cracking photo opportunities and a lot of places to chill out and relax. (Plenty of places to enjoy by yourself or as a couple, i found a fab hammock that was just begging me to lay and stargaze on it..)

Kitty Wears:

Father, forgive me…

..for being such a clothes-whore. I can’t help it!
Ok, enough with the pretensions of Catholicism, as you all know I’m most definitely *not* a Catholic, but I do have a deep respect for the religion despite their tendencies towards burning my kin at the stake and concealing the odd kiddy-fiddler. In fact, I love churches of all denominations; I don’t think there’s a more astounding symbol of dedication to your faith than a flying buttress or two. In real-life I enjoy exploring cathedrals and churches, and we’re fortunate enough in Second Life to have many fine examples of religious buildings to enjoy. In fact, I don’t think that there’s any major belief-system on the planet without representation in-world!
This is one of my favourite places of worship and I have mentioned it briefly before. It’s the Basilica Cardinale and is beautifully and lovingly created, and evokes the true feeling of being in a place of reverence and pontification. It is beautifully decorated and kitted out with everything you would expect to see in a Catholic church, with a High-Altar and many different pose balls to allow you to kneel and pray or even partake of confession in the wee booth tucked away in a dark corner..
Kneeling and praying is somewhat out of the question for me however, due to the outfit I’m sporting. It’s a one day only special from Khush, available at X-Street for the bargain price of L$99. I may look like a good little Italian-Catholic girl in this picture (that was the look I was after anyway) but I doubt I’d be allowed into any church wearing the latex pants that you can just see in the image below…ahem.

As I was putting this look together I happened across the latest LAQ skin release, and a picture was formed in my mind… By adding some ostentatious bangles, black nail-polish and a gorgeous necklace from HOD I’ve created a polished, street-wise look, perfect for the Italian-American girl gone very bad indeed.
Oh, and the shape is a bit of a stunner too, even if I say so myself.. but I’ll tell you all about that later. So here you have it, bargain outfit and a cracking way to wear it. Badda Bing, Badda Boom!

Kitty wears:

Skin –LAQ ‘Martina’ 10 Cocoa Glow Skin ( worn with cleavage enhancer, priced separately in-store)

Shape –Kittylicious ‘Pin-Up’, coming soon!

Eyes – Tragic Eyes, Ocean shine Large

Hair –LAQ HB Style #8

Outfit –Khush ‘Tush’ Outfit promo, L$99 TODAY ONLY!

Accessories-Necklace ‘The Path To Forgiveness’ by HOD

Bangles by Bauble

Nail Polish by Eye Candi