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FAMESHED has started, and as usual it’s an absolute bugger to get in. However I *did* manage a nosey around earlier and as usual there are some cracking items on display, including hair, clothing, furniture and all of it is guaranteed to enhance your allure and make you even more windswept and interesting than ever, if such a thing is possible.

I only bought ONE item though, and that is this hair from EEP. I really, really love Eep hair. Ever since the brand launched it’s been a firm favourite of mine, and it seems to thrive on producing simple styles in great colours with no frills, fuss or palaver. Unbox it, stick it on your head and job done, you can’t ask for much else really can you?

I also found a really nice lace vest today at a store called CHEMISTRY that I have never frequented before, but I will be visiting again!  This mesh vest comes in a two pack featuring a black and white lace design, and it really fits in with my look at the moment, which is basically throw everything on that is in my inventory and see what sticks.

I am STILL wearing these frayed denim shorts that cost me just ONE LINDEN from the market place, but I care not a jot because they work amazingly well with my KHUSH tights (mo longer available alas)  They also reallu look good with my Kitten-face Mary Janes from FRI.DAY for LOVE DONNA FLORA. These are actually an in-world replica of a pair of shoes that I have been after in RL for ages. As usual, Second Life means I get them a lot cheaper, and quicker, than my reality.

Last but not least there are two more items in my look from LOVE DONNA FLORA. First up is my flair manicure, which I’m wearing in a very bright pink which is very unusual for me but it looks really funky against my collection of friendship bracelets.  I’m also sporting a necklace by CAE that you can only find at the LOVE DONNA FLORA  event. I’m really enamoured by CAE at the moment, the Catnip necklace that they created for Harlow Heslop’s ‘Avatars For Animals’ event  became an instant favourite of mine, and this elegant daisy design is just as delightful and perfect for jazzing up either a formal or casual outfit.

Finally, I was in dire need of a coffee and a sit down so found myself at the café at Scribbled Hearts, which is a very pretty little sim offering some cracking photo opportunities and a lot of places to chill out and relax. (Plenty of places to enjoy by yourself or as a couple, i found a fab hammock that was just begging me to lay and stargaze on it..)

Kitty Wears:

Another SL Meme: Pet Peeves


Darn you Strawberry Singh and your epic Second Life memes! I jest of course, but Berry’s latest meme asks a very valid point, what really winds you up about the virtual world we call home?

I have to be honest, this wasn’t an easy meme to respond to.

I was worried I’d put a few noses out of joint, so I have tried to be gentle. I’ve also not included all of my peeves, as some need to be kept closer to home. But it certainly got me thinking, so thanks again Berry! (I wonder what she’ll come up with next?!)

  1. RUDENESS.  Yes I get Second Life is a virtual environment, but that doesn’t mean that you leave your manners at the loading screen. If you’re ill-mannered in real life I’ll think you’re an asshole. If you’re ill-mannered in Second Life I’ll think you’re a special kind of asshole. It takes a certain kind of individual to sit behind their keyboard and type something mean or just plain-rude to someone in a virtual environment.
  2. ANTLERS. I’ve had just about enough of seeing antlers everywhere in Second Life.  Don’t get me wrong, I have seen some absolutely amazing clothing featuring deer motifs, and I’ve also seen some equally amazing jewellery featuring it too. I’ve also seen some fabulous antler chairs, antler light fittings, in fact antler home furnishings galore! I mean, what’s next, an antler toilet brush? It’s like a never-ending weekend at Ted Nugent’s house!  If you’re role-playing, I get the need for antlers. If not, just please cease and desist before you drive me into full-on Fenton mode.  Before you know it we’ll all be going moustache mad, how ludicrous would that be?  Oh, wait, that’s already happened..
  3. GROUP NOTICES:if you send them, PLEASE for the love of all-that-is-holy, SPELL CHECK them and if English isn’t your best language then please get someone who speaks it to proof-read for you before you send out. I do actually pay attention to group notices, and they often  tempt me to go and investigate offers and items. But if you issue them exclaiming things like; ‘Plz check this now!’ without a LM, or something like ‘Hurry! This price won’t last forever’ I will just delete. Pro-tip: Notices should stand out, because they need to attract customers. They require a punchy yet informative title to draw your customer in to opening them and reading them. Therefore be original, be witty, be playful but most of all be bothered to actually tell me what you’re sending the notice out about!  Sell me the product that you’re advertising and include a picture or I just won’t bother to read any further.  So many people out there must make wonderful creations that I never get to see because their notices are written so shabbily, so just don’t. If you’ve taken care over your creation, take care over your advertising too!
  4. SOCIALISM. Well, actually no, that’s not the pet peeve, but THIS is:


There are so many furniture builds featuring this particular set of books that you would think we’re all political nerds in Second Life. Obviously the majority of us aren’t,  but I bet we all have these books on our shelves! I bet if you search your inventory you’ll find furniture featuring them. It’s not just the lesser known creators that have used these either, some of the uber-established furniture making names have featured them on multiple occasions and it just drives me to utter distraction. I’ve seen carefully constructed furniture utterly ruined by adding these bloody books.  If you’ve taken the time and care to develop and build a fantastic, original item then why ruin it by including something that can be seen a myriad of other places on the grid?! The mind boggles. Please stop!

5. BAD DESIGN: OK, this is quite a broad-ranging response, so let me try and clarify it a little bit.  I’m talking about ugly, cheap textures deployed upon builds. Build shapes that look dated and six years past their prime. Skins with no depth or shading upon them, and the worst thing, clothing, especially gowns and skirts, made with those cone-shaped prims that  legs tend to stick out of in a manner worse than Angelina Jolie at an awards ceremony. Please don’t misunderstand;  I don’t want to come over holier than thou on this and I realise that taste is a very personal thing, but I find it hard to believe that with so much design inspiration to be found on the grid people still create what is, quite frankly utter garbage. What boggles the mind even more is that occasionally they expect to sell it….WTF?!

Peeved Kitty wears: 

Kitty likes to eep!


“Eep, “ is a word that I use a lot.

An expression of surprise, excitement or just plain for the heck of it, eep fits the bill for most occasions when a “Yikes” “Jings” or “Weee!” just won’t do.

It is a most excellent word.

It is also the name of a hair brand that has caught my eye over the past few months, producing great hairstyles with wonderful hair textures at excellent prices, and my latest acquisition from them is by far my most favourite.

It’s a classic Mary Quant bob. I LOVE bobs. They’re so totally versatile, and I will never be sick of wearing them in-world. Each time a hair-maker releases a new bob on the grid I’m there, feeding my rampant bob habit. The last time it was Magika and the superb ‘Plenty’, but this time it’s eep and the (somewhat disappointing title by comparison) ‘eep hair 009’

It’s a beautiful bob.

It’s static, but that’s fine. The sharpness of the cut doesn’t require movement, and the shaping of the hair frames the face perfectly.

And that’s pretty much it.

There’s no overt fuss and frippery with eep, and I like that. There’s no pretension with the brand to speak of and that’s a strength too.  It doesn’t even have a  store as such.  

In fact, even though the hair is pretty simple, it will make you, well, “Eep” with excitement.

And that’s no bad thing in my book.

“EEP!” said Kitty. A lot.

Kitty wears eep  hair 009 in fire 3 from the ‘Reds’ pack.( Pack contains six colours for L$250, other colour packs are available and just as awesome)