Kitty likes to eep!

Kitty likes to eep!


“Eep, “ is a word that I use a lot.

An expression of surprise, excitement or just plain for the heck of it, eep fits the bill for most occasions when a “Yikes” “Jings” or “Weee!” just won’t do.

It is a most excellent word.

It is also the name of a hair brand that has caught my eye over the past few months, producing great hairstyles with wonderful hair textures at excellent prices, and my latest acquisition from them is by far my most favourite.

It’s a classic Mary Quant bob. I LOVE bobs. They’re so totally versatile, and I will never be sick of wearing them in-world. Each time a hair-maker releases a new bob on the grid I’m there, feeding my rampant bob habit. The last time it was Magika and the superb ‘Plenty’, but this time it’s eep and the (somewhat disappointing title by comparison) ‘eep hair 009’

It’s a beautiful bob.

It’s static, but that’s fine. The sharpness of the cut doesn’t require movement, and the shaping of the hair frames the face perfectly.

And that’s pretty much it.

There’s no overt fuss and frippery with eep, and I like that. There’s no pretension with the brand to speak of and that’s a strength too.  It doesn’t even have a  store as such.  

In fact, even though the hair is pretty simple, it will make you, well, “Eep” with excitement.

And that’s no bad thing in my book.

“EEP!” said Kitty. A lot.

Kitty wears eep  hair 009 in fire 3 from the ‘Reds’ pack.( Pack contains six colours for L$250, other colour packs are available and just as awesome) 


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