Oh Bloody HELL!! Moisturiser, STAT!

Well it’s Monday and altho I have a few posts buzzing around my head to share with you all, I’m also feeling flaky due to a chest infection, so I needed something to amuse me and I thought this would amuse me no end, but instead it’s scared the shit out of me! I’m obviously not drinking enough Creme De La Mer, judging by this shot. It also looks as though in twenty years time I shall have given up my fortnightly fix of Jolen, what is with my upper lip?! The worst part about it is..this is me in SL. The mind boggles as to what the RL me photo will turn out like…

UPDATE: I’ve tried it with a RL photo. I have no words for what I saw..give it a go yourself and make your Monday even more depressing! Your Face In 20 Years

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  1. That was just NASTY!!!



  2. Would you believe me if I told you that there is a ‘Drug Addict’ option for your picture, and believe it or not I didn’t choose that?




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